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Ice Sculptures at Crystal Cabin Fever

Somehow we managed to miss spring this year (except for the pollen, but believe me it is alive and well out there). I don’t know about you, but the past few years have been ridiculously hot when it should be nice spring temperatures. Our trust thermometer Accuweather App is reading 90* here in the Lehigh Valley. Between the pollen and the heat, I’m dying. They don’t make clothes light enough for these temperatures. While manyyyyy of you are so happy that winter is long gone (fingers crossed), I on the other hand would LOVE a blast of cold air to come to cool this place down a good 10-20*. With that being said I’m gonna blog about something on the cooler side for today.

Last year we went on a little road trip to the Poconos to see “Crystal Cabin Fever.” In the middle of nowhere. Speaking of the middle of nowhere, let’s address the road situation. What would have been a relatively short drive started to multiply because of the terrible road conditions. Seriously, step it up PennDot! 

And que the mountain road carsickness. 
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Winter Carnival in Houghton, Michigan

This week’s Flashback Friday is the 2010 Winter Carnival in Houghton, Michigan from when we lived up there together in 2009/10. The Winter Carnival is a tradition held during…the winter (go figure?!) at Michigan Tech University that dates back to 1922. Students build ice sculptures for weeks on end, get judged, and placed. During this time there are a lot of festivities going on, but let’s be real: me and cold/snow don’t mix. I went outside long enough to take pictures and see them all and then was inside thawing out (a phrase my mother introduced me to as a child). This year’s theme was “Games We Know, Captured in Snow.”
I have always been very intrigued by the Winter Carnival and I really wish they had something like this near us. I would make it an annual tradition because they are so beautiful in person. It’s amazing how well these students build such detailed sculptures in a matter of weeks. Where do they find the patience? They should really bottle it up and sell it because I could use a jar….or 10.

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12 Months of Dates – February: Part 2 Love’s Laboratory

This month’s date was in two parts and we decided to ignore directions space them out, so we could enjoy them. The first part of the date was Painting the Snow, which can be found here. The second part of the date was Love’s Laboratory, that I found here. This activity made me VERY aware of that fact that neither of us are good at following directions. Directions? What are those? Clearly, they are not meant for those who know exactly what they are doing 24/7…sarcasm. This date put our over-confident selves to shame.
I’m very aware of the fact that I am oblivious and do not follow directions. Warning labels? Directions? Instructions? A rebel without a cause. I learned this as early as the 4th grade…trust me, this may or may not have something to do with the date. Let’s continue: You see, I had a teacher that gave us an assignment. The assignment was to see how well you read the directions only…he didn’t tell you that. I get a paper that’s handed to me with 20 questions to answer. Awesome! I got this! Practically as soon as I get the paper, the smartest kid in the class turns in his paper. How is this possible?! No one is THAT smart! As I read the paper, I completely skipped the directions and started answering the questions. More people started getting up and turning in their paper. Really? I’m that dumb? I must hurry and answer these questions ASAP. I decided finally, maybe I should read the directions. It read as follows: write your name on the top of the paper and hand it into the teacher.” That’s when I realized, I am not good at following directions.
I think the best part about the date is how many damn times we TRIED to get it right and failed. We tried to do it in the beginning of the month, but after just winging it, getting it wrong, and getting angry at it for not working out, we waited until…tonight. Hard-headed? That is not a term that either of us can relate to. 

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