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Washington DC

Our One Night Stand in the Capitol!

I have an obsession (far too many to actually list, but you will learn soon enough!)
Cherry blossoms.
They are just absolutely gorgeous and the prettiest tree ever I believe.
They make Spring almost worth enjoying…in between the sneezing, itchy eyes, and wheezing.

You can obviously find a million sites about Washington DC Cherry Blossoms and them scattered throughout the US Capitol. They kinda go hand and hand, so I won’t bore you with things you can find anywhere and everywhere.

We have been following this blog for anything to do with the US Capitol, Washington DC, and cherry blossoms. The festival (which draws nearly 2 million a year) was ending on the 13th. The prime time to visit was between the 10th-14th because these girls will only be in their prime those days. Skip to my insanity. LET’S GO MONDAY! TAKE OFF WORK! WE HAVE TO SEE ALL OF THE CHERRY BLOSSOMS IN WASHINGTON DC…OH AND THE US CAPITOL, BUT MAINLY THE CHERRY BLOSSOMS.
And he gave. Sometimes my insanity works and other times…
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