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How to Survive a Hike to the Bottom of the Grand Canyon

I recently wrote about our disastrous hike to the bottom of the Grand Canyon, where we ended up sleeping in the rest house. Word of advice: do not be like us. Be prepared. Know what you are getting into and do not assume that you are too smart because chances are, you are not, like us. This is not your typical list with telling you to bring your first aid kits, trail maps, and such because, really that would be a given. These are things that we NEEDED, but forgot to bring when preparing for our hike. Below are our tips for hiking in the Grand Canyon!

Puffin Watching on Machias Seal Island

One of my favorite experiences while living in Acadia National Park in Maine was when we went off and left the island to go to see the puffins at Machias Seal Island. Prior to working in Acadia NP, I had no idea what they were and then suddenly I’m working at a gift shop where there were we were surrounded by puffin merchandise. I was immediately a fan and probably should have started a fan club. I mean how can you not be? Have you not SEEN these adorable clown-like birds?

Acadia National Park Travel Tips

 A few people have come to us asking about travel tips for an Acadia National Park vacation. With many requests and many responses we decided to throw them up here! 

We worked in Acadia National Park several years ago for three months during the summer. We lived, slept, worked, and hiked there. I worked as a sales associate at the busiest retail store in the park, Jordan Pond Gift Shop. Adam worked in the employee dorm. Through those 3 months we have learned some very beneficial tourist/traveling advice which we have chosen to live by when offering travel tips for visiting Acadia National Park. Remember we have only lived there for 3 months, are not seasonal professionals in this specific location, and do not live there year-round. This is just my point of view of what I learned when living and working there! Here are Acadia National Park travel tips! Enjoy!
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