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Oyster Bay Beach Resort Tour

Welcome to Oyster Bay Beach Resort in St. Maarten, our home for seven six nights! This is a beautiful, secluded resort, which is suspended on a coral reef peninsula. It is equipped with penthouses, studios, one-bedroom suites, and two-bedroom suites. It has a bodega, two restaurants, a bar, gift shop, and dock on the premise.
There is even the option to own year-round at the Oyster Bay Beach Resort through Lighthouse Reality:

Covered Bridge Tour of the Lehigh Valley

Let’s go on a Lehigh Valley Covered Bridge Tour! Said no one ever….except us clearly. We Googled far and wide free things to do in the Lehigh Valley and this was one that kept screaming out to us “you want to see me!!” Eventually we agreed and we we went!

Here’s some details for those detail lovers:

  • The Lehigh Valley Covered Bridge Tour roughly 50 miles
  • You get to see 7 covered bridges.
  • 5 allow cars and the other 2 are pedestrian only

You’re welcome!

Bogert’s Bridge

This was our first stop on the Lehigh Valley Covered Bridge Tour and it was one of our ultimate favorites! It is located in Lehigh Parkway and is right on the bend of the river. The park is really nice, but my favorite part was the fact that cars cannot drive on it. Let’s face it, no one likes being road kill. We have an overabundance of cars in the Lehigh Valley as it is, so anyway to escape them, I am all about it! This covered bridge received some bonus points because I’m also a sucker for any trees that are pink or weeping.
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