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Our Home Away From Home: the Royal Caribbean

Welcome to the Royal Caribbean in Cancun Mexico, our home for seven nights! This is a beautiful, beach-side resort along the Hotel Zone of Cancun on the main strip. It is equipped with suites with a wet bar, one-bedroom suites, and two-bedroom suites. It has a large pool, market inside (Royal Market), a large gift shop, sports department, activities department, a jewelry store, a pottery area outside where you can create your own masterpiece, a gym, a restaurant, cafe, and a deli. The Royal Caribbean in Cancun is also connected to the Royal Islander, which you are allowed to access. That particular site has two restaurants of their own.
Possibly the most important part of this resort is that you have your own beach! They have free lounge chairs with umbrellas, and wait staff bringing you drinks and food.  You can easily spend all day here and never want to leave.

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Oyster Bay Beach Resort Tour

Welcome to Oyster Bay Beach Resort in St. Maarten, our home for seven six nights! This is a beautiful, secluded resort, which is suspended on a coral reef peninsula. It is equipped with penthouses, studios, one-bedroom suites, and two-bedroom suites. It has a bodega, two restaurants, a bar, gift shop, and dock on the premise.
There is even the option to own year-round at the Oyster Bay Beach Resort through Lighthouse Reality:

Our Wedding Album

With joyful hearts we request your presence in….our walk down memory lane! Grab a seat and enjoy the show!
Adam and I got married on Friday, August 10, 2012, a little over four years after we started dating. We got married on Mackinac Island, a tiny 8 mile island in the middle of the Great Lakes. Our wedding ceremony and wedding reception took place at the Island House Hotel.
It was always my dream to get married on Mackinac Island because it was such an important place in my family and in my life, as well. It is gorgeous, romantic, and everything you could want for a destination wedding. It also helped that I met my future husband on Mackinac Island, as well (so clearly it wasn’t too hard to convince him).

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Vernon Mid-Week Getaway: Minerals Resort & Spa

Adam has been “planning” a surprise weekend getaway for us ever since I got my job. The first job that is, back in May. Clearly he’s a few months behind, but who’s keeping track? Now, we aren’t one of those celebratory couples. We never celebrated monthly anniversaries, raises, promotions, new jobs, milestones, etc. We were never that couple, but we are trying to make a conscious effort to become that couple. It’s the little stuff that ultimately become the big stuff or lead into the big stuff. Changes are happening so often that sometimes in order to see them you need to celebrate them when they come around! You all with me?

Anyway, he’s been so busy at work the plans didn’t exactly happen as soon as he wanted. He is also not very good at keeping secrets. I am the hint machine. The conversation usually goes as followed:
Me: Give me one hint
Adam: Okay here it is….
Me: Really? That was your hint? That wasn’t even a good one! Give me another.

Eventually I coax him into enough hints that I “figure” it out. Being in between jobs means a big luxurious vacation was out of the question. Plus a little thing called debt. (Oh hey there credit card bills!) So he scoured Groupon and Living Social for getaways within a few hours from home.

Then he found a Minerals Resort & Spa deal on Groupon. It was a two night minimum stay at a fairly good price. He booked it, we packed, relaxed, and enjoyed the gorgeous weather thunderstorms.

The first day we got there unpacked, walked around the grounds, swam a little bit and then went out to eat dinner.

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