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I’d Rather Be in Switzerland…

Jim Thorpe, PA, one of the top 50 places to live and play. Jim Thorpe, a top 100 adventure town. Go to Jim Thorpe they say. It’s the Switzerland of America. It’s the Gateway to the Poconos with it’s picturesque scenery, mountainous location, AND architecture. Come to Jim Thorpe, it is named after the world’s greatest athletes!

We went to Jim Thorpe and I’ll tell you what….I’d rather see Switzerland. I’ve been wanting to go to Jim Thorpe for several year now. I heard from someone it’s creepy. Creepy isn’t always bad, is it? Someone told me it’s completely adorable and charming. Adorable and charming? I’ Who doesn’t love a little town with really pretty buildings and architecture set inside of mountains. Little shops downtown, I’m also all over that. I was all over EVERYTHING until I realized…there was nothing to be all over.

I had a brilliant idea. I use the word brilliant lightly because they are usually not that brilliant, but dumb in fact. Anyway, I had a brilliant idea. There’s a park there called Flagstaff Mountain Park. You can hike up to the mountain and see the pretty views. I googled the views to see what it looked like and it was amazing. I showed Adam pictures and he was game. The night before the trip we looked up to see if it was too strenuous. We haven’t hiked in awhile, so we didn’t want it to be too difficult. He couldn’t find the blog on about the hike anywhere. All I kept saying is “Are you typing in Jim Thorpe? Are you typing in PA?” The morning of the trip I hopped on my computer to look up everything. The Mountain was in Colorado. Clearly we won’t be making it out there this trip.
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Waterfalls at the Delaware Water Gap

We had a plan. We need to hike. We haven’t gone hiking in a long time. We’ll pack up the car, take the dogs, and go hiking to see some waterfalls at the Delaware Water Gap in the Poconos. There was one that was on the top of my list: Factory Falls, that I kept seeing pictures over and over again. I grew up in the Poconos, near the Delaware Water Gap, but never got a chance to explore it. 

We put Brady and Harvey in the car, gave them Dramamine 30 minutes before we are going to leave, and hope for the best. You see, Harvey is always car sick. 

Meet Harvey:

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