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Vernon Midweek Getaway: Festivities

Let’s be honest. There was not much to do in Vernon, but we did end up finding a few fun and memorable things.

The second day we were there we ended up going to one of my favorite places to go ever. Candy Shops! Ever since working at Rocky Mountain & Joann’s I have a love for anything chocolate, caramel apples, and candy. This place did not disappoint.

Whenever I see caramel apples I always feel the need to tell them about my caramel-apple-making-experience. 

See, me stirring caramel for the apples:

Then comes the standard drill: What kind of apples do you use? What kind of caramel do you use? Do you make them here? What toppings do you have? Do you use a pot to heat the caramel or do you microwave them? I MUST know and not for the sake of cravings…I have an apple allergy. I just have to know for comparison sake!

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Vernon Mid-week Getaway: Food

The hardest thing on getaway was not only to find food, but to find GOOD food. We took to Yelp to find places in the area to eat at. The first night there we stayed wanted to eat Italian food. I always see Italian as a safe meal! Clearly, I really need to stop having that idea because that keeps getting me into trouble. To be polite I will not state the restaurant we stayed at, just know I wouldn’t send my worst enemy to eat there. 🙂 

Let me state that Vernon, New Jersey is a very small tourist town. It really reminded me a lot of Tannersville in the Poconos when we first moved there in the mid-90’s. What I learned at this restaurant is that everyone knows everyone, which can be cute and home-y…except for when it’s not. I’m talking a girl running into the restaurant to confront a girl working at the restaurant and trying to start a confrontation right there at the restaurant. Awkward…

Besides that free show, it reminded me a lot of the small town restaurants in Tannersville and quickly reminded Adam of a restaurant in his home town, Mama Cillies. We immediately felt at home until… 
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