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Our Travel Living Room Revamp!

Things are getting a little bit cramped around here.

This is what our night looks like: I’m laying down on the couch, feet on Adam, and dogs laying on top of me. I’m getting pushed off of the couch from the dogs and they have all begun to migrate towards Adam’s domain of the couch. We are running out of room!

That was it. We needed another sofa (something we have been discussing since we got this sofa). 

And because Christmas Eve is a whole bunch of this:

Oh hey Adam….all the way over there

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Apartment Updates

Blog readers, we are slackers. There’s no way around it. We have done pretty much nothing that is worth discussing. This has been a pretty lazy relaxing week for us. Our determination to get our house into tiptop “home-y” shape has been stalled. We just want to do nothing, but relax and enjoy our new found freedom.

Things we did to:

  • Finished those 2 additional wall shelves
  • Mounted the flat screen
  • Doggy bow-tie crafts
  • Decor for the shelves
  • Hanging pictures

We are pretty proud of the effort and research we took to hanging out pictures. In our last place our pictures were hung shamefully. You would get a neck ache from how much you had to turn your head up and down to see them. I’m pretty sure we don’t have any pictures of it and for a good reason. They were just too fabulous to share with the world.

Let’s get visual: We had 4 pictures hung up on the wall and each were not even close the being the same height. Some were 6in to 12in off from one another vertically.
Like I said: fabulous.

My bestie Pinterest came to my side again to help a sista out.
Here are a few of my favorites:
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Shelf, Shelf, Shelf It Up!

Our walls are bare. BARE I TELL YOU.
I cannot handle it. Sure it makes the room look bigger, but it also looks too naked.
I want pictures. Lots of pictures. Shelves. Life. And did I mention pictures?
Just checking!

So there you have it! Our new space filler:

Final result of the shelves!

She’s looking pretty spiffy I must say. And we are pretty darn proud of how she turned out.
We found a great tutorial from on Pinterest. While I cannot say we followed her tutorial exactly, it did end up looking just as good! We obviously could have gone into more detail on how we did it, but no need! Ana-White says it all. Continue reading

Let Me Upgrade You

Here’s a little DIY project we did this past weekend. Meet our 14 year old hand-me-down dining room set. She has been impatiently sitting in the corner of the spare bedroom begging for our attention. We had big plans for this since day one and now it’s her chance to shine bright…like a diamond. Repainting and re-upholstery-ing…we were all over it! There are many different ways to “beautify” your hand-me-downs, but this was ours.

Fabric was from Hobby Lobby bought at 40% off with their coupon (we NEVER buy things full price there!).
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