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12 Months of Dates – December: Christkindlmarkt

For December’s date we stayed local and went to Bethlehem, “Christmas City Village.”

As of recently the Bethlehem Steel Stacks has been holding a Christkindlmarkt. The Bethlehem Steel Stacks hold many annual events and this one has been growing larger every year. This is where they sell ornaments, foods, homemade goods, and a variety of other gifts. They have live music, gifts, food, and other little items to buy. 
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12 Months of Dates – November: A Longwood Christmas

We are a bit behind, but this is was my favorite time of the year. I love decorating the tree, driving around seeing lights on the houses, the music, etc. I just love so much about it (except the busy holiday season at work. Retail Christmas=death)! This is my first holiday season being gluten and dairy free, so we spent it home, so that it would be easier on me to follow through with my dietary requirements. Thanksgiving night we went on our date to…

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A Very Brazier Christmas!

We have spent 7 Christmas’s together, but what makes this one so special is that it is the very first Christmas in our own place!
 We bought our Christmas tree 3 post-Christmas season’s ago on a major sale to unload all of their Christmas trees. It was hiding in the attic of my mother’s place ever since just WAITING for the moment when it would be able to be ornament-ized. 
Shortly before Christmas we received a Christmas delivery from Adam’s family. I’m pretty sure Brady either: A. knew who it was from or B. knew that there was something in there for him. And by something in there for him I mean a few things. And by a few things what I really mean was that over half of the gifts were for him and Harvey. Spoiled!

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