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A Day at One of the Country’s Biggest Classic Car Shows

Earlier this year we went to the Lehigh Valley Auto Show, where we got to see the newest automobiles on the market now, but this weekend we got to travel back in time. We went to the 52nd Annual Das Awkscht Fescht, the August Festival in Pennsylvania Dutch, where we got to see hundreds of classic cars and antique cars.

Going Car Gazing: Lehigh Valley Auto Show

Last weekend we took a short trip over to Lehigh University to check out the Lehigh Valley Auto Show! Every man’s dream! We were lucky enough to score comp tickets from Adam’s job. Obviously, we cannot turn down free (unless it was that Romeo and Juliet ballet several years ago on Valentine’s Day, but moving along). So Adam and I hopped in his car and took a short trip to the University to check it out.

The Auto Show was first created in 1998 to encourage customers to shop local and stimulate the economy. It’s a four day indoor event where you can actually test drive some of the cars (outdoors of course). We’re talking 250 BRAND NEW cars, packed into three buildings. Now, that’s a lot of looking. 

It was PACKED, which shouldn’t surprise me at all, but it did. There were lots of doors slamming, trunks opening, and testing out the back seats…and that’s just with us. Everyone was hopping in and out to see the interior, feel the seats, and look at the trunk space.
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