I’m Dreaming of…a Mackinac Island Summer

It’s summer and all I am thinking about is biking, swimming at the Grand Hotel while eating snow cones, and blasting Jack Johnson on repeat. I am having nostalgia for my summers on Mackinac Island and it is in FULL swing.
It has been nearly seven years since I have worked, lived, and spent my summers on Mackinac Island, but it is still very much still apart of me. Before working on the island, I spent my childhood going on vacations during the summer on Mackinac Island in July. My family has resided on the island for several hundred years, so it is a very important place to our family. It was there that we took big family vacations with uncles, aunts, grandmother, and cousins.  Continue reading

Sleeping in a Restroom at the Bottom of the Grand Canyon

Because I believe that every good hiking story should be based around hugging the porcelain throne…
Six years ago when we moved to the Grand Canyon and a little bit before we went on a helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon, we decided it would be “fun” to go hiking in the Grand Canyon and camp under the stars. Note: fun is a word I am using loosely and you will eventually know why. 
We rented a tent, sleeping mats, trekking poles, and hiking boots from our job (hello, free!) and raided the store for necessities. Protein/energy bars, check. Jerky, check. Goldfish, check. We borrowed Camelback backpacks from some of our coworkers. All we had left to do was wait until dawn to catch the bus to the trail-head. We thought we were prepared for hiking in the Grand Canyon and Grand Canyon trails, but like many other things, were we wrong.  Continue reading

Moving to the Grand Canyon

About this time six years ago we decided to up and move to the Grand Canyon in Arizona for the summer. We landed jobs at one of the local concessions that gave us housing and we were off. We Adam drove (I slept uncomfortably in the front seat) for three days from Pennsylvania, to Michigan, to the Grand Canyon. 
There’s this ongoing joke that we have. Normally, if we drive to the gas station five minutes away I’m wide awake. However, if we are doing a long drive that’s more than a half an hour long I’m asleep by the time we get to the gas station…five minutes away. You see, I’ve been trained. Trained to sleep during long car rides. From our vacations to Michigan and to Florida (hell, even New Jersey), long car rides meant time to go to sleep. And when sleep is calling your name, you give in. 
So, as you might have already guessed. We were driving three days, across country. That’s it. I was out. I did manage to wake up a few times when Adam would shake my arm and tell me to look at something he thought was cool, but after that…back to sleep I went. 

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Ice Sculptures at Crystal Cabin Fever

Somehow we managed to miss spring this year (except for the pollen, but believe me it is alive and well out there). I don’t know about you, but the past few years have been ridiculously hot when it should be nice spring temperatures. Our trust thermometer Accuweather App is reading 90* here in the Lehigh Valley. Between the pollen and the heat, I’m dying. They don’t make clothes light enough for these temperatures. While manyyyyy of you are so happy that winter is long gone (fingers crossed), I on the other hand would LOVE a blast of cold air to come to cool this place down a good 10-20*. With that being said I’m gonna blog about something on the cooler side for today.

Last year we went on a little road trip to the Poconos to see “Crystal Cabin Fever.” In the middle of nowhere. Speaking of the middle of nowhere, let’s address the road situation. What would have been a relatively short drive started to multiply because of the terrible road conditions. Seriously, step it up PennDot! 

And que the mountain road carsickness. 
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Apartment Updates

Blog readers, we are slackers. There’s no way around it. We have done pretty much nothing that is worth discussing. This has been a pretty lazy relaxing week for us. Our determination to get our house into tiptop “home-y” shape has been stalled. We just want to do nothing, but relax and enjoy our new found freedom.

Things we did to:

  • Finished those 2 additional wall shelves
  • Mounted the flat screen
  • Doggy bow-tie crafts
  • Decor for the shelves
  • Hanging pictures

We are pretty proud of the effort and research we took to hanging out pictures. In our last place our pictures were hung shamefully. You would get a neck ache from how much you had to turn your head up and down to see them. I’m pretty sure we don’t have any pictures of it and for a good reason. They were just too fabulous to share with the world.

Let’s get visual: We had 4 pictures hung up on the wall and each were not even close the being the same height. Some were 6in to 12in off from one another vertically.
Like I said: fabulous.

My bestie Pinterest came to my side again to help a sista out.
Here are a few of my favorites:
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