Let Me Upgrade You

Here’s a little DIY project we did this past weekend. Meet our 14 year old hand-me-down dining room set. She has been impatiently sitting in the corner of the spare bedroom begging for our attention. We had big plans for this since day one and now it’s her chance to shine bright…like a diamond. Repainting and re-upholstery-ing…we were all over it! There are many different ways to “beautify” your hand-me-downs, but this was ours.

Fabric was from Hobby Lobby bought at 40% off with their coupon (we NEVER buy things full price there!).
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Exciting News for the Brazier Bunch!

Hi Everyone! We are so excited to start this blog. We have wanted to do this for several years and have finally decided to take the plunge! We do have some exciting news going on that we are actually super excited about and that not many people know about yet! Here is a hint about this “exciting news” though… ready? Take a deep breath…..





I know, I know. Such a surprise. No bun is growing in this oven anytime soon! I did want to get this ball rolling though being that I have a little extra downtime.

Now for the exciting news!
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