July 4th in the Lehigh Valley: Coca Cola Park

To say that our Fourth of July weekend was a busy one would be an understatement.

Our weekend was jam-packed.

Now, for the past few years we have typically spent our Independence Day with my family. We would spend our day hanging out and grilling, but this year was a bit more hectic (primarily due to the fact that we actually have friends around here, which is practically a damn miracle). Between a dinner and a movie double date on Friday, a pool party and work on Saturday, hanging out with our friends by the pool grilling and swimming followed by another visit with a few of our other friends on Sunday, grilling with the family on Monday and celebrating Independence Day by going to Fourth on the Field at Coca Cola Park in the Lehigh Valley to see the fireworks with a few of our friends, we were in DIRE need of an extra weekend to recover from our weekend.

Fourth on the Field

For those of you who do not know, Coca Cola Park is a nearly 10 year old baseball field in the Lehigh Valley. It is home to Philly’s minor league team, the Iron Pigs, which surprisingly is a big local favorite around here.

This is the third consecutive family friendly 4th of July Celebration: Fourth on the Field. There are plenty of kid activities and it is primarily catered towards children. They have a bounce house, light up dance area, mechanical pig riding (similar to bull riding, which of course Adam had to take part in), face painting, food eating competitions for children, and pony rides. There was a little fun too for the adults, such as food trucks, bars, and fireworks.

Fourth on the Field Coca Cola Park

The weather, however, was questionable. We were supposed to be hit with rain on Friday, but it managed to be held off. Whatever chance there was of rain on Friday seemed to have diminished by the end of the night. The rest of the weekend was gorgeous and sunny. Unfortunately, when Monday evening came and it was time for the Fourth on the Field at Coca Cola Park to start…rain and lots of it.

The event was supposed to be from 6-9 in the evening, but we ended up going around 7pm because it was absolutely disgusting out. When the skies cleared up Adam and I with our friends Heather and Jason with their kids made our way to the park. As we were almost to the gates of Coca Cola Park for the Fourth on the Field Heather realized…they had left their tickets in the car. As Jason was running back to grab the tickets the sky opened up and began dumping rain on us. As we were waiting for the tickets and being hit with rain, we all hid under a tree for shelter until we could muster up enough courage to make it inside the park.

Fourth on the Field Lehigh Valley Coca Cola Park

Once inside we walked around and explored. Adam and our friend Jason rode the mechanical pig, the kids played in the bounce house, and we checked out some of the other festivities. We made our way to the field to check out the food trucks. The Fourth on the Field in Coca Cola Park WAS supposed to take place on the field primarily to watch the fireworks, but with the rain occurring during the event, they opened up the dug outs for people to seek shelter.

Coca Cola Park Fourth on the Field

Coca Cola Park Lehigh Valley

After pacing around the food trucks for a long period of time and narrowing down options, everyone finally settled on the foods that they wanted to eat. Everyone was loving their food and talking about how much fun this was. And then suddenly…rain. Nonstop rain. Pouring down rain. Did I mention rain? Which does not really mix well with food.

We all ran for shelter under a metal covered roof and suddenly…lightening. Great. We might die here. Adam had run to the gift shop to pick us up some rain gear, so that we would actually be able to enjoy the rest of the night relatively dry, but it kept raining harder and we saw more lightening. When he finally came back, we were able to enjoy ourselves again…soggy food and all.

Us at Coca Cola Park Fourth on the Field

Me on Fourth on the Field

The kids seemed to love their new attire and were not phased by the rain. The adults were just happy to not be wet.

Rain at Fourth on the Field at Coca Cola Park

Rain at Coca Cola Park Fourth on the Field

We all made our way to the bleachers to watch the fireworks at 9pm. Unfortunately, due to the rain, they were unable to start the fireworks for another half an hour. We all enjoyed the fireworks from the bleachers…soggys butts and all.

Us at the Fourth on the Field at Coca Cola Park

Friends on Fourth on the Field Coca Cola Park

I’d say that we had a very eventful Fourth of the July weekend, but what about you? What did you do for your Fourth of July Weekend? Were you rained out?

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