Our Home Away From Home: the Royal Caribbean

Welcome to the Royal Caribbean in Cancun Mexico, our home for seven nights! This is a beautiful, beach-side resort along the Hotel Zone of Cancun on the main strip. It is equipped with suites with a wet bar, one-bedroom suites, and two-bedroom suites. It has a large pool, market inside (Royal Market), a large gift shop, sports department, activities department, a jewelry store, a pottery area outside where you can create your own masterpiece, a gym, a restaurant, cafe, and a deli. The Royal Caribbean in Cancun is also connected to the Royal Islander, which you are allowed to access. That particular site has two restaurants of their own.
Possibly the most important part of this resort is that you have your own beach! They have free lounge chairs with umbrellas, and wait staff bringing you drinks and food.  You can easily spend all day here and never want to leave.

This particular suite can fill an occupancy of 6 people according to the website, but we counted approx. 8 people who can actually sleep here. Welcome to section A of our suite, the one bedroom. This portion of the suite had a full kitchen, full living room, dining room, and two Murphy beds.

Walking through the front door of our suite there is a kitchen immediately to your right. Straight ahead is the dining room and the living room: 

The kitchen comes fully equipped and with my dietary needs we used this for all of our meals!


You could enter the bathroom through the hallway connecting the dining room and the bedroom. The suite at the Royal Cancun in Cancun has a full vanity, bathroom, and a walk in closet:

Here is our bedroom: 
This porch was where we spent many mornings and nights relaxing with the ocean breeze and enjoying the view. You can enter the porch through the living room and also through the bedroom: 

Here is the part B of the suite. This comes equipped with a full bathroom, walk in closet:

 Instead of a full kitchen, like in the previous suite, this one section of the suite came with a wet bar:

Rather than a king sized bed, this section of the Royal Caribbean has two double beds:

 While it is not as roomy as the suite listed above, this one had a tiny porch:
Unlike our previous tour at the Oyster Bay Beach Resort, we did not do as thorough of a tour of the facility. This resort is slated to be sold in 2018 and will no longer be recognized as a Royal Resorts facility. 
Stick around for some more from our trip to Mexico! You won’t want to miss what is coming up!

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