Is Traveler’s Insurance REALLY Worth It?

Now this is a story all about how…travel insurance changed how we travel.

Let’s be real: I never in my life would have considered purchasing travel insurance. Why? Because I do not think ahead. I like to book, go, and be done. I have my plane ticket. Is that not enough? 

Adam, on the other hand, was drawn immediately to the perks of travelers insurance. First there was the medical and dental coverage that travel insurance covers. Then there was the luggage protection, flight delay, and flight cancellation perks.

“Should we get travelers insurance?” Adam asked.

*eye roll* *groan* “If you want to. I’ve NEVER purchased traveler insurance before and I’ve flown many times. You’re wasting our money,” I responded, followed by another 10k eye rolls.

*Click* “I bought the travel insurance anyway.”

Fast forward to the day of our flight to St. Martin from Miami….

We arrive nearly an hour early from Newark and so we have to hang out for 4 hours until our next flight. 
Great! Wonderful! Let’s get food! (you see where my priorities are.)

Suddenly….a thunderstorm rolls in. Downpour. Lightening. Fuck. 

Almost immediately we hear that we are already delayed for St. Martin.

Not bad. What’s 30 minutes? It’s all good. We’re going to St. Martin!

Flights were coming in and out. Planes that were flown into our gate were being given to on-time flights. We got moved to another gate. Same thing happened. Our flight attendants and pilots worked their max hours for the day and went home. We had no crew for our plane. Another flight delay. They were trying to get an extensions to stay open for us in order to get to the island that night. 

10 Delays later and an $11 food voucher later….flight cancellation.

Plus side, we were told that we would get free hotel vouchers for the night. YAY! Right? We need to sleep after all, as we were almost up for 24 hours at this point.

First we had to wait in this line (note: I did not take this picture at the very end of the line where we began, but half way into the line)…:

…for two hours.

It was possibly the slowest moving line in history in regards to rebooking. 

We get to the counter and we find out they are no longer giving out hotel vouchers. We watched other individuals from our plane go home with vouchers and we were turned away. 

We were fuming and running on empty.

The airport hotel was booked. At that point the airport gymnasium with cots were maxed out and there were no available hotels within a 30 minutes perimeter from Miami. We lost a night at our $300 a night suite to the prospect of having to sleep like these people:

We were told that this was our last option. 

This is where travelers insurance came in! An equally upset couple from our flight mentioned to us that their travel insurance was going to cover costs from the cancellation. We called ours and they tell us EVERYTHING is covered from after cancellation or after a certain amount of time in a delay. 

Our specific travel insurance covers:

  • Emergency medical/dental coverage for up to $10,000
  • Lost/stolen/damaged bags
  • Flight Delays
  • ANY fees accumulated from your flight cancellation until it is rescheduled (such as taxi fares, hotel fees, car rentals, gas, food.)
Now we had to find a hotel….
After calling dozens of hotels and about to give up hope, we got a-hold of a hotel 30 minutes outside of Miami. Taxi was hailed and we were so there.
It was practically a tiny hole in the wall, but there was a bed and a shower and a sink to brush my teeth. We were happy. Our travelers insurance was going to cover it all.
The next morning we bought breakfast at a local market and took a taxi back to the airport. With the hotel stay, food, and our taxi fares each way, it was at least $500.
Travel Insurance paid for it all.
So I ask you: was travelers insurance worth it?
Hell yeah. 
I would much rather have the security and ease my mind knowing that if anything happens, someone has my back. Weather happens. Emergencies happen. Delays happen. Cancellations happen. Airline companies do not feel bad. Travel insurance (especially after this specific event) gives me peace of mine knowing that it is all covered if anything happens.

Did you know that if you book with airline credit cards they provide you with travelers insurance? Have you ever had to deal with a headache of a flight cancellation? How did you react?

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