Our Travel Living Room Revamp!

Things are getting a little bit cramped around here.

This is what our night looks like: I’m laying down on the couch, feet on Adam, and dogs laying on top of me. I’m getting pushed off of the couch from the dogs and they have all begun to migrate towards Adam’s domain of the couch. We are running out of room!

That was it. We needed another sofa (something we have been discussing since we got this sofa). 

And because Christmas Eve is a whole bunch of this:

Oh hey Adam….all the way over there

Meanwhile, over here in this neck of the woods…we are a little too close for comfort, if you get what I’m saying. We dragggg in the dining room chairs and we use those to accommodate us and sit on top of each other just to open gifts. 

We need more room for guests us to sit (because let’s be honest, we sit here more than guests do). 

We were going to look into getting the same sofa as in the pictures above, but I had reservations. Unless you buy at the same time, we were told, the colors might not match. This one will look more worn and used than the other. The couch was holding up, but we were noticing that the arm and the bottom were separating. 

One day we were driving around and I uttered the words “we should get a sectional” JUST as we were passing by Raymour & Flannigan. Adam stopped the car, turned around, and pulled into the parking lot. We walked in, saw two other couches, came across ours and that was it. 

Introducing our new sectional:

You cannot have new furniture WITHOUT new decor….or decor period. 

The inspiration behind this change started out with a customer. 

A customer came through my checkout line with four things in her cart: a globe, a wooden boat, a map canvas, and a decorative box with the world map on it. (they are redecorating her daughters room as a travel theme because her daughter is going on a school trip to Galapagos Island. SAY WHATTTT)

That got me thinking. It might just be time to redo (or actually DO….because I’ve been putting that off for two years) my living room and have it be a travel theme as well. As we get more stamps in our passport we will fill up our living room with more souvenirs from places we have traveled. 

And so, our home decor shopping and decorating began. I don’t know how, but I settled on a color scheme of brown, gold, white, and small accents of blue and silver. There is also a collection of rocks that we have from various places we have visited or lived.

Let me just say: Thank God for Ikea. We bought a set of these black bookcases this past summer and while it’s not the highest quality piece of furniture we own, it sure is functional, affordable, and looks good. 

The white candles are a throw back to our wedding reception decor.

You gotta love Target dollar bins. The gold candle holders were from the $3 bins in Target.

We bought the Las Vegas snow globe when we were in Vegas in 2009. I bought the Mackinac Island 100th anniversary Coca-Cola bottle roughly 10 years ago on Ebay. The granite rock is something we took home when we lived in Maine in 2010.


Every vacation we mail postcards back to ourselves to document what we did that day and we have them stored in that box.

The petrified wood in the back is something that we got when we lived at the Grand Canyon during 2009. The rock is from Lake Superior in Michigan that I got when visiting my cousin in the UP. Adam bought a ceramic puffin several years ago after we went Puffin Watching in Maine. They’re one of my favorite birds and we are hoping to see them whenever we get a chance to visit Iceland!

The beige box on the right contains our remote controls, so we stop losing them and can keep them neatly in one place.


The driftwood was my father’s that he got from Mackinac Island or Round Island one summer when we were kids. The artificial flowers were from Hobby Lobby on sale with the rocks from Mackinac Island that we used for our wedding flower centerpiece.

I actually purchased the blue coral because I wanted more blue accents in our decor, but realized that it served perfect for the nautical compass that kept falling over. The nautical compass, some of you may recognize, was from my wedding bouquet. It was given to me by one of my cousins and it was my great-great-great grandfather’s (he was a fisherman).

I knew we had to get the metal Route 66 tin as soon as I saw it. It reminded me of our day visiting the original Route 66 back when we were living out at the Grand Canyon.  

The decorative balls we have had stored away for awhile and I never thought that I would have actually gotten to use them. We bought them a few years ago at Hobby Lobby.

Throw pillows: Home Goods 
Beige throw: Home Goods
Black Bookcase/Storage Unit: Ikea

Under the TV
Stack of Animals (Giraffe, Zebra, and Elephant): Hobby Lobby
White Vase: Michaels 
Twigs: Hobby Lobby
Small Decorative Trunk: Hobby Lobby
“I Love Us” Canvas: Hobby Lobby 
White and gold bowl: Hobby Lobby 
Gold Candle Holders: Target
Three owl candle holders: gift from my mom. 

“Our Kids Have Four Feet” Sign: handmade gift from my sister-in-law
Blue Flower Ceramic Bird Vase: Hobby Lobby 
Las Vegas Snow Globe: a souvenir from when we were in Vegas in 2009. 
Mackinac Island 100th Anniversary Coca-Cola Bottle: Ebay. 
Bronze Globe: Home Goods 
Two Decorative Boxes/Books: Christmas Tree Shops
“Family” mirror: a gift from my sister-in-law. 
Puffin: a gift from Adam 
End Table #1
Gold “Let’s be adventurers, darling” globe: Hobby Lobby 
Black Globe: Hobby Lobby 
White Diamond: Hobby Lobby 
Decorative Book/Box: Hobby Lobby 
Beige Box that says “the World is Yours To Explore” and “Capture Life”: Christmas Tree Shops
Blue Lamps: Christmas Tree Shops 
Large Decorative Trunk: Hobby Lobby 

End Table #2
Round Large Blue Ball: Home Goods
Gold Feather Dish: Home Goods
“Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness” Wooden Plaque: Home Goods
Elephant Jewelry Holder: Hobby Lobby 
Wooden Sailboat: Christmas Tree Shops 

Under Window
Two Silver Frames: wedding gifts
Gold Airplane: Home Goods 
Three Tiered Candle Holder Platform: Christmas Tree Shops

Globe: Home Goods 
Golden Piece: Home Goods 
Blue Coral: Christmas Tree Shops 

White Round Ball: Home Goods 
Elephant & Baby Elephant: Hobby Lobby 
“Love with All Your Heart” Wooden Plaque: Joann Fabric 

Large Gold “A”: Hobby Lobby 
Blue “A”: Hobby Lobby 
Silver “&”: Hobby Lobby 
Gold Spike: Hobby Lobby 
Route 66 Metal Tin: Hobby Lobby  
White Block: Hobby Lobby 
Metal Dolphin: Home Goods 

Coffee Table
Black & Gold tray: Hobby Lobby 
White Bowl: Hobby Lobby 
Gold Piece: Hobby Lobby 
Copper Dachshund: Hobby Lobby 
Silver Circular Piece:Home Goods 
Decorative Balls: Hobby Lobby 
And I think that about covers it!

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