12 Months of Dates – November: A Longwood Christmas

We are a bit behind, but this is was my favorite time of the year. I love decorating the tree, driving around seeing lights on the houses, the music, etc. I just love so much about it (except the busy holiday season at work. Retail Christmas=death)! This is my first holiday season being gluten and dairy free, so we spent it home, so that it would be easier on me to follow through with my dietary requirements. Thanksgiving night we went on our date to…

Longwood Gardens! Now this place is absolutely gorgeous. We had our engagement photographs taken there in the late spring several years ago, but Christmas at Longwood is amazing! There is so much to see there and coming on Thanksgiving night we missed a lot of the crowds that we ran into several years ago (on a rainy night later in the season). 
A Longwood Christmas begins on Thanksgiving and runs until until January 10th. There are timed admission tickets required to enter the gardens to control the crowds. We purchased our tickets for a non-peak days (Monday-Thursday), so our tickets were only $20 per person. On their peak days (Friday-Sunday) the tickets cost $27 per person. 
Now, we did not think to bring our tripod (stupid, I know), but we did manage to get some great photos regardless utilizing the surroundings, such as benches, trash cans, etc.
This is located inside the conservatory: 


More of the outside:
Stay tuned for December’s date!

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