One Hell of a Night with Chris Brown

We might be a litttleeee behind in the blog world. Blame it on college! Time to play catch  up! Oh and please forgive me for my amazing quality photography at this concert! I only took my phone.

Right before our trip to St. Martin and right after we went waterfall rappelling (I changed our July date TO waterfall rappelling) I found out Chris Brown would be coming to my area. Chris Brown? I love his music. While he may do some questionable things (as does many other celebrities), his music could make nearly anyone wanna get up and boogy. I just had to see him live!

So, after our trip to St. Martin, we went to Camden, New Jersey to see Chris Brown in the flesh. This was Adam’s first concert ever. The featuring artists were Fetty Wap, Omarion, Kid Ink, and Teyana Taylor. 

Now, getting to Camden was not the struggle. Neither was finding parking right by the concert. The difficult thing was finding a bathroom on the way to the concert in Camden. Most restaurants or food places shut down during concert nights and had many “out of order” bathrooms. Coincidence? I think not. 

I ended up going to a McDonald’s, where they had to buzz you into the bathroom, so that only PAYING customers would be able to use the bathrooms. Let’s just say that was an experience in itself as I stood there trying to gauge when you actually try to open the door. There is no sound or light or any way for you to actually know when it should be opened. Fortunately, those around me eating knew the routine and yelled at me to open the door right now, so I don’t get locked out. 

We skipped some of the acts. Sorry Fetty and Teyana! We made it in time for Omarion, Kid Ink, and the ending of Fetty Wap. The crowds were loving Fetty. I loved me some Kid Ink too, by the way, so I was really excited to see him live.

The place was packed:

Kid Ink performed some of his hits: Hotel, Body Language, Main Chick, and Be Real.

Chris Brown came out and the first song he performed was his 2005 hit “Run It.” He performed other well known songs, such as “Look at Me Now,” “Forever,” “Ayo,” “With You,” and “Turn Up the Music”


His set was kind of….boring, in my opinion. It started out with his fast dance track songs and then after a handful he went into slow songs. One after another. We were 8-10 songs deep into slow songs in a row. We were about ready to leave. I was bored, falling asleep, and trying to regain consciousness. Adam was ready to leave, people around us were leaving, but I held out hope that the bigger hits would be coming. 

This was the beginning of the slow song set:

Now, I understand the need to appease the ladies and play what he thinks they want to hear, but 8-10 in a row. He hardly played any of his bigger recent hits, which is what he is known for lately.

Kid Ink came out again to perform the song “Show Me” for a second time:

After the sleepy set list, he brought out the Coke Boys (who are virtually unknown to me). After their 30 minute long set, Chris Brown performed one fast song and then the night was over. 
Another disappointing thing about his set was that he didn’t actually perform one song all the way through, rather it was all shortened to be a minute long. He also didn’t sing most of the songs. He had a background track that he would join in and sing here and there, but a large majority of the show was him messing around on stage and dancing. 
 We were a bit let down and disappointed by the whole “One Hell of a Night” concert experience. The opening acts seemed to be more lively and entertaining than the main act. This did raise us to a new challenge: Find Adam a more enjoyable concert for his second concert experience!

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