Looking for the Best Beach in St. Martin?

Look no further than Orient Bay!

If there is anything that St Martin in the Caribbean is known for (besides the nightlife, of course) is it’s beautiful beaches! I did not plan on spending this much of our vacation beach-side, but I cannot complain. We did our research before we arrived on St. Martin, but we wanted a local’s opinion.

During our flight to St. Martin we sat next to a resident of the island, who had immigrated to and lived on the island for the past six years. I asked her advice on best places to eat, best beaches, best places to go shopping, and anything else you could think of. She could not stop raving about one beach in St. Martin, Orient Bay: 
Orient Bay is located near the French/Dutch border of St. Martin in the Caribbean. The beach has everything you could want: lounge chairs with umbrellas, bars (hello, beach side service!), restaurants, a bikini shop (you know, in case you forgot to bring one and show up naked), parasailing, jet skis, a nudest area and…peddlers. Okay, so maybe you don’t want the last part. But really, what more could you want?
The first full day we had at St. Martin, we decided to drive to Orient Bay to check out what all of the fuss was about. After walking up to the beach, dipping our toes in the water, and feeling the warm ocean breeze, we were sold.

We had to come back to Orient Bay Beach to swim, ASAP!

I’m not one of those individuals that love going to the beach and spending all day there. I despise lying under an umbrella a majority of the day because I get too bored. I hate sand, cold water, seagulls, and paying to set foot on a beach. Clearly I grew up going to the wrong beaches (Damn you Jersey Shore!) because Orient Bay Beach was in another league.

The beach is clean and the visibility in the water was amazing. The wait-staff is constantly combing the beach to pick up any accumulating trash and tentative to their guests. Birds on steroids aka seagulls? There were none to be found on the beach (or throughout the island). The water was warm and took hardly any time for me to get into the water (which is nearly a miracle because I am one of those individuals that take 15 minutes just inching myself in the water). The water was blue and perfect. 
Every beach should be like this. 
Now, I know this is just our opinion, but here is a couple more! We ran into a couple that was on our flight at Orient Bay. They have been visiting St. Martin annually for their anniversary and THIS is their go-to beach. We also started chatting with a man who is living in Cali, but was born and raised in Hawaii. He actually mentioned that Orient Bay in St. Martin is on par, if not BETTER, than beaches in Hawaii, especially regarding visibility. I was sold, especially given the fact that we did not have to pay $8 per person just to walk on the beach.
Who needs to go site-seeing when there’s a beach? That became the motto of my vacation!

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