Oyster Bay Beach Resort Tour

Welcome to Oyster Bay Beach Resort in St. Maarten, our home for seven six nights! This is a beautiful, secluded resort, which is suspended on a coral reef peninsula. It is equipped with penthouses, studios, one-bedroom suites, and two-bedroom suites. It has a bodega, two restaurants, a bar, gift shop, and dock on the premise.
There is even the option to own year-round at the Oyster Bay Beach Resort through Lighthouse Reality:
On our second day we were given a welcome breakfast at one of the resort restaurants, Beau Beau’s, with a saleswoman, to potentially sell us a timeshare and give us a tour of the resort. That was the intent of the breakfast, until we discovered that we are all the same age and like the same music. This turned into a breakfast playing our latest favorite songs on our phones, singing, and dancing at the breakfast table to it. Surely not how I expected spending my breakfast, but I won’t complain. 
This was our view:
 Following breakfast we got to tour the grounds and learn the history of the area! The resort is currently in the process of a $46 million upgrade and complete renovation. Everything is being changed and upgraded, so what is seen now will be completely different by winter. 

On the way to the penthouse we stopped to take a few photographs.
This is the Dutch side of the island: 

The picture below shows what is the French side of the island: 

Oyster Bay Resort has a gift shop, laundry facility, fitness center, and spa. Our suite was above the spa:
The front lobby is located inside of this castle looking building.:
What many people do not know is the fact that this is actually built on the ruins of an old fort from the 1700’s. There is actually the original cannon on the premise:
Inside this building is the activities desk, car rental desk, and front desk:
Some of the seating for the Infinity Restaurant at the Oyster Bay Beach Resort is actually inside an open air area that leads to the bar. During our time there they were doing renovations on the inside seating, which opened on the morning we checked out:

From the bar there is an infinity pool and a whirlpool hot tub with a poolside service to the bar and restaurant:

 After the pool we went up to the penthouse. The views were amazing!
The Oyster Bay Beach Resort also has a marina with a bodega. It has pretty amazing views as well:
Note: we gathered pictures from different days and different cameras (our camera could not adjust to the heat after leaving our suite and created fog), so pictures do differ.
The resort is beautiful and I can only imagine how much better it’ll become when the renovations are over. According to Interval International, this is one of the only resorts on the island that is a double premium resorts. 
Check back for picture of our suite and what we did while on vacation!

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