Our Wedding Album

With joyful hearts we request your presence in….our walk down memory lane! Grab a seat and enjoy the show!
Adam and I got married on Friday, August 10, 2012, a little over four years after we started dating. We got married on Mackinac Island, a tiny 8 mile island in the middle of the Great Lakes. Our wedding ceremony and wedding reception took place at the Island House Hotel.
It was always my dream to get married on Mackinac Island because it was such an important place in my family and in my life, as well. It is gorgeous, romantic, and everything you could want for a destination wedding. It also helped that I met my future husband on Mackinac Island, as well (so clearly it wasn’t too hard to convince him).

Our wedding was a bit…hectic as I’m sure it is for any bridge and groom. Our wedding was over 800 miles away, which made preparations a bit stressful. We had to find vendors willing to drive and take a ferry over to Mackinac Island. We had a venue cancel on us last minute, so we had to find a new one. We also did a lot of arts and crafts, such as handmade invitations, centerpieces, and many other things. We had to transport bins of vases, candles, and various other decorations from our house, to the car, to the ferry, and onto the island to get married on Mackinac Island.
We were engaged for nearly a year and a half and we sent Save the Dates out over a year in advance. This allowed family to plan vacations around our wedding date, book flights, and book hotels.
Our wedding invitations were designed by one of our bridesmaids and handmade by us. We wanted it to be modern, but also a little Victorian, since most of the houses, cottages, and business are of Victorian style. We did not hire a calligrapher and opted to hand write every envelope ourselves. Talk about hand cramps!
 While most of Adam’s family had to drive several hours to board the ferry to see us get married on Mackinac Island, my family drove and some boarded planes from three states away. Once all of the bridal party was on the island, we spent the morning preparing for the day:
What’s a wedding without the details?

The nautical compass was a family gift from my great, great, great grandfather, who was a fisherman in the Great Lakes:

While we were taking our group shots with our bridal party, the guests started showing up at the gazebo in the back of the Island House Hotel. Guests were given bubbles to blow as they entered the ceremony location, so that they can blow them when we exited as husband and wife.

Our wedding was short and personal. It took place in a matter of 7 minutes and my cousin married us. It was so important to me to have someone marry us who knew us and loved us. As children we used to go on vacations together, sleep over each other’s house, and we grew up practically like siblings. There are not many people who knew me better than he did growing up.

One priceless thing that occurred during the ceremony: right before we said our I Do’s” the cannon went off at Fort Mackinac. It definitely took the nerves away and made everyone laugh at the amazing timing. 

Here is video of our ceremony:
Following there ceremony we hopped in our carriage (Mackinac Island is car free!) and took pictures on the island. Check out our ride!
Following the bride and groom portraits it was time for our reception at the 1852 Grill Room. Here are some details:
After our grand entrance, best man speech, and cake cutting…

…it was time for our first dance. Our first song was “That’s All” sang by Michael Buble:

Right before the sun officially set on our wedding day, we were surprised to look out the windows of our reception and see a double rainbow right over the lake on Mackinac Island.

Happy 3 Years!

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