A Day at One of the Country’s Biggest Classic Car Shows

Earlier this year we went to the Lehigh Valley Auto Show, where we got to see the newest automobiles on the market now, but this weekend we got to travel back in time. We went to the 52nd Annual Das Awkscht Fescht, the August Festival in Pennsylvania Dutch, where we got to see hundreds of classic cars and antique cars.

Somehow I managed to miss that Das Awkscht Fescht is, in fact, one of the biggest antique car show and classic car show in the country. It spans over three days and has between 800 and 1,300 cars at one time. It takes place on a 42 acre park, where they also have bingo, a flea market, live music, and so many other fun things going on for family’s and friends. 

What is remarkable is that the Das Awskcht Fescht is actually three antique car shows and classic car shows over the span of three days. The first day, Friday, is called the “Variety Show” and it has several hundreds of vehicles prior to 1983, such as classics, hot rods, tractors, trucks, and motorcycles. Saturday is the Antique Car Show and Classic Car Show, which has over 1,000 classic and sports cars made prior to 1978. The final day, Sunday, is the Antique and Special Interest Car Club Show. This show (the one we attended) has roughly 1,000 classic and antique cars from over 20 car clubs. 
 I did the research and know all of my facts now, but lets rewind to Sunday…

Driving through to find parking to go the antique car show, I was immediately let down because I only saw a couple of antique and classic cars from the street. I could not help but think that we drove all the way to Macungie to see this classic car show for nothing. Walking inside the gates, I even uttered the words; “I guess we won’t be coming back next year.” I might have jumped the gun and I miiiight be very a little dramatic. It is one of my best traits, after all.  

I barely had my foot on the grounds and I was disappointed by what I had not yet seen. Adam was trying to alleviate my ridiculousness by reminding me that we had not even gotten more than two feet into the gates of the antique car show and to just be patient. HA! Me?

And then suddenly…



Clearly I was overreacting because as we all now know…it is in fact one of the biggest antique and classic car show in the country. 

This year was the 60th anniversary of the Chrysler 300, so there were manyyy Chrysler 300 cars showcased at this antique car show and classic car show: 

I need this in my life! A seat that moves, so you can get out of the car easier. I have clearly been missing out!:

Now, we have never been to an antique car show or a classic car show for that matter, but we have been to a couple museum that had these cars showcased. There is something about being up close and personal with these cars without something dividing us, that is incredible.

To say I am a car enthusiast would be a stretch. I used to call horsepower, volts. It made for a very interesting conversation at the car dealership when we were discussing two completely different things while thinking that it was the same exact thing. So, while I admired the prettiness of the cars, Adam admired everything else about them.

An ode to the car Adam had when we first met: an Oldsmobile Intrigue:

It was a great, surprising festival and we cannot wait to go on a different day next year to see what we missed. 

At the end I said to Adam “didn’t I take you on a great date!?” His response, “yeah except…how did I end up paying for it?” 

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