I’m Dreaming of…a Mackinac Island Summer

It’s summer and all I am thinking about is biking, swimming at the Grand Hotel while eating snow cones, and blasting Jack Johnson on repeat. I am having nostalgia for my summers on Mackinac Island and it is in FULL swing.
It has been nearly seven years since I have worked, lived, and spent my summers on Mackinac Island, but it is still very much still apart of me. Before working on the island, I spent my childhood going on vacations during the summer on Mackinac Island in July. My family has resided on the island for several hundred years, so it is a very important place to our family. It was there that we took big family vacations with uncles, aunts, grandmother, and cousins. 
On our vacations we would all pack into the van and drive the 12+ hours to St. Ignace. Sometimes we would stop over at Saginaw for the night (with meatballs in a crockpot smelling up the whole hotel floor) or we would drive through Canada to see Niagara Falls (getting lost in Canada). I always had a great time exploring the island with my cousins and visiting some of my Michigan cousins that I would only see when we all met up for vacation during the summers on Mackinac Island. But then life happened and we could no longer go.
That was when my urge to spend my summers on Mackinac Island kicked in. 
Swimming in the lake?:
Horseback Riding?:
Night-time bike rides?:
Catamaran Cruises?:
Round Island Camping?:
There is STILL no place I would rather spend my summers than on Mackinac Island. 
After being away from the island for nearly 9 years, I started an extensive job search to spend my summers on Mackinac Island. I wanted needed to go back. I ended up accepting a job at Joann’s Fudge and spending the next 3 months during the summer of 2007 and 6 months during the summer of 2008 living, working, and spending my days on the island. 
By day I was packing…fudge, but by night it was where my summers on Mackinac Island came to life! Oh and where I met my husband. More on that later though.
One of the luxuries of spending summers on Mackinac Island there is always something to do and people to see. It is the only place (in my opinion obvi) where you are never bored for too long because you learn how simple life could be….especially when you are on an island in the middle of the great lakes, without any cars, and surrounded by horses. You learn to entertain yourself with things that most people would find not very amusing. It is the one place where everyone is there for the same reason. 
We all came to the island to escape reality, have a good time, make some money, and make friends. Where you can walk down the street and see about 15 people you know. Every night is a Saturday night and every morning is a Monday. Spending summers on Mackinac Island are filled with endless beauty and adventure. The days are endless and run into one. Time stands still. 
It is a place that when you leave it feels as though a part of you is missing and leaves you wanting more.  It’s a place where time doesn’t necessarily matter, except for who will be there with you and where it’ll be happening. It’s a place that you can be free, come as you are, be anyone you want to be, and escape the reality of the real world. 

I am missing Mackinac Island sunsets, the scenery, weather, and tanning opportunities:
What I would give to spend just a little bit of this summer on Mackinac Island!
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