How We Met…

As we are embarking on our 7th year together, I thought it was only appropriate to make a blog post about how Adam and I met.
Before you read the next part, let me emphasize that I am VERY good at making first impressions and you will see why.
Seven years ago, when I was living on Mackinac Island, I had quite a few friends from the previous summer. One of those friends is John. We were friends from the summer before and spoke throughout the winter. I had been trying to track down John all day, but I could not find him. A friend had borrowed my flip flops, stayed at his place, left them there, and did not return them. I was heading to his place to pick them up, but he was not home. As I was walking down the street I came across one of our friends on the porch who told me that John is at the ferry dock picking up some new employees. I started walking down Main Street towards the dock when I came across John with his two friends from Harrison who would be living on Mackinac Island for the summer and working at the Mighty Mac. They were pushing all of their belongings down the street on a big wagon to the employee housing. John decided it would be a good time to introduce his friends to me. As he was finished saying their names, I look at them like okay whatever?, said nothing, and then continue talking to John. One of the people I was introduced to was Adam. This was his first day being on the island and moving onto the island. I was one of the first people he met on the island and clearly I made quite an impression…

We were obviously a match made in heaven. 

Adam and I met during the summer of 2008 when we were living on Mackinac Island. I was 20 years old from Pennsylvania. It was my second summer living and working on Mackinac Island. Adam, on the other hand, was a 22 year old from Michigan. It was his first summer on Mackinac Island. We worked for the same company. 
I worked for Joann’s Fudge: 
He worked next-door at the Mighty Mac: 
Now, I could tell you that AFTER our first encounter that it was love at first sight. That we knew we were going to end up together since the day we met. That we were going to get married in a few short years and live happily ever after.
But that would be a lie. That is not how our story was. 
The reality of it is that Adam and I were definitely not the case of love at first sight. In fact, we really did not like one another at all. I was obviously less than friendly the first time we met. I was also very confident and very hard to get. Adam was very over confident as well, except he knew how to hide it better than I did. He was a prankster who knew how to bother the hell out of me. I considered him to be a bit of a bad boy and a huge player. That right away steered him right out of my direction and then somehow back into it.
We would go to parties and run into one another, but we were not friends:

Now when I say that Adam was a bit of a prankster, let me give you an example. When I would go into his job to get food, I would order it from someone else (to avoid the hassle of dealing with Adam and his nonstop jokes). I would explain how I wanted curly fries, but I do not want too much. Next thing I know, Adam comes walking up with a huge bag (the bag drive thru’s give you to hand you all of your food) filled and overflowing with curly fries. I tried to get him to take them back, but “once they are out of the fryer you cannot put them back in.” Lovely, I was feeding my neighbors curly fries for days with how much I received. After that I came back in several days later, nervous I would be able to feed the entire village with the amount of curly fries he might give me this time. I ordered fries. I was specific. I wanted a little curly fries, not overflowing a huge bag full. So, Adam cut a small fry bag in half and filled it with 3 fries and gave it to me…the man I would eventually marry. 

It wasn’t until the end of July, after weeks of avoiding one another, when things between us started to happened. I was seeing a guy, who was his coworker, his friend, and later became his roommate. His friend and I were basically over with, but I invited him and Adam to a party, so that maybe if Adam wanted to come, he would go along with him. They went to the party. Long story short, we all got separated. His friend’s phone was dying and wanted Adam to meet up with him, so he gave me Adam’s number and had me call him to tell them where to meet. They met up and I went back to my place.

From there I would text him randomly when I was off work to make sure he knew how bored I was. I would text him when I was at the pool, out to eat, etc. Usually it was small talk, but one night I was sitting on my couch waiting for my friend to come over the use the laptop and he was texting me. He asked if he could come over and I thought he was joking (because you know, a huge bag of curly fries), so I told him “sure, there’s plenty of room on the couch for two.” Suddenly, a few minutes later there was a knock at the door. Adam was at my place. We spent the night telling stories, joking, and watching movies with my friend.

A few days later, after hanging out a few times, I told him I was going to the movies with a few friends from the company at the Mission Point Theater and that he should come with. It took a little convincing, especially since the movie was so manly: Mama Mia, but he reluctantly agreed. Meanwhile my friend and I were singing and dancing to Abba songs throughout the movie. I may or may not have been singing them right in Adam’s face throughout the movie. 

He obviously enjoyed this movie a lot.

I credit much of us dating to our friend Adam #2. Even after our Mama Mia first date, I still thought that Adam was playing games. I wouldn’t date him officially until I knew that he was not. I went to our mutual friend and best friend, Adam #2 to ask the hard questions. Finally, Adam #2 gave me the Adam is a good guy, give him a chance speech.

I decided to stay for the rest of the season. That meant 3 more months on the island, online college classes, and more time with Adam. I went back home for a week to do some last minute things and the whole time I was gone Adam and I were either calling or texting one another. Whether he was at work or hanging out with friends, we were always on the phone.

After not even a month of dating, while I was gone for that week Adam decided that regardless of where he, I, or we lived, he was going to do everything to make us work. Three weeks later he decided that he was going to move the Pennsylvania with me, live with my family, and make us work.

The rest is history.

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