Moving to the Grand Canyon

About this time six years ago we decided to up and move to the Grand Canyon in Arizona for the summer. We landed jobs at one of the local concessions that gave us housing and we were off. We Adam drove (I slept uncomfortably in the front seat) for three days from Pennsylvania, to Michigan, to the Grand Canyon. 
There’s this ongoing joke that we have. Normally, if we drive to the gas station five minutes away I’m wide awake. However, if we are doing a long drive that’s more than a half an hour long I’m asleep by the time we get to the gas station…five minutes away. You see, I’ve been trained. Trained to sleep during long car rides. From our vacations to Michigan and to Florida (hell, even New Jersey), long car rides meant time to go to sleep. And when sleep is calling your name, you give in. 
So, as you might have already guessed. We were driving three days, across country. That’s it. I was out. I did manage to wake up a few times when Adam would shake my arm and tell me to look at something he thought was cool, but after that…back to sleep I went. 

Our first state since leaving Michigan was Illinois. This was back in the day when we had our very (un)reliable Oldsmobile Intrigue. Notice the fabulous cracked window. Neither of us knew how that appeared. Another interesting tidbit for you. For some reason, our air conditioner didn’t work. at. all. This meant long days driving across country into the south west with over 100* temperatures. Obviously, we were very comfortable in the black leather seats.
Driving over the Mississippi River. Little did we know how close we would get to it on the way home:
All I remember from Iowa is the windmills…at least that’s all I saw the 15 minutes I stayed awake:
We stayed for the night at a hotel in Nebraska. I must not have had my eyes open long enough to catch anything, but the sunset. I’d say the first day was very productive. I caught up on a lot of much needed sleep and we were getting closer to the destination:
Then the next day we woke up and were back on the road into Colorado. I managed to stay awake for most of this state. It started out as a nice steady trip. They even had farms and…tires?
So peaceful. Who could complain? Until suddenly:
The grade was so steep (and scary) that I found it impossible to even close my eyes for a few seconds. I dare you to try to even sleep through this trip!
We drove through a bit of Utah and then back into Colorado before spending the night in a terrible terrible..did I mention terrible hotel? We managed to get lost in what we thought was a scenic road in Utah. We were wrong. Very wrong:

I could have sworn nobody lived there until I saw a very healthy looking horse. It felt like we were in that movie “Wrong Turn” and everyone was watching us from their little houses. We not-so-quickly realized we were not on the scenic road and then got the hell out of there before we were eaten. 

This is what the scenic road actually looked like. Much more…scenic:

The next morning we woke up to finish off our last leg of the trip: the Grand Canyon. 
Now, depending on what way you enter the canyon, you may pass by a thing called the Little Grand Canyon. We thought this was the real thing. We were amazed. Until…you see the actual thing:

Amazing. I don’t think you ever actually fully comprehend the size or beauty of the Grand Canyon unless you see it for yourself in person. 

Have you ever taking a road trip across country? Where did you visit? Where would you want to go?

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