12 Months of Dates – April: Dave & Buster’s Restaurant & Arcade

What happened to April’s date?! I’ll tell you. WORK! We had an appointment made for our April date, but I got my work schedule and ended up working that day. We had to cancel and we swapped. We are doing May’s this month.
For this date we went to Dave and Buster’s in Philadelphia. We ate some food and played some games:

Be warned…one of us forgot the camera (I don’t remember which), so these were all taken on our cellphones, hence the bad quality. 

Before we went to Dave and Buster’s we hit up Ikea. Very bad idea. Avoid it if possible. My eyes have never been so busy. I wanted to buy everything within arm’s reach because clearly our bank account can afford that type of a blow. Everything I saw, we needed to have. I could not justify the line between needing and wanting at that point. 

We first went to Dave and Buster’s during December 2008 at their New York City location and we’ve been itching to go back ever since. This is one of those places I feel it’s more about the experience than the food (similar to the Melting Pot).

On the way into the restaurant we got a really great picture of us:

Or just a great picture of me. 

This can definitely be classified as a selfie fail

This always happens. The picture can look great and then suddenly right before we hit the button the wind picks up and my hair takes on a life of it’s own.

Inside the restaurant we he took forever to pick out his lunch.

Meanwhile, I got my usual:

Chicken Fingers and Fries, which was very fitting since that day I was told I have to go gluten free (and dairy free). RIP Chicken Fingers, you will be missed!

Adam ordered their Cabo Style Chicken:

The food was, mediocre. Like I said, it’s more about the experience. The waitress brought out these for us:

The moment we have been waiting for. Both of us ordered our meals with a $20 game play each, so we had plenty of games to play on that.

After we ate we headed downstairs to start the games:

Like I said, we forgot our camera. Cut us some slack on the crappy quality. 
And the reason I went to Dave and Buster’s is shown below:

Skee Ball. My love.

No winner was determined because we forgot and decided to throw both of our tickets into one cup. Someone, probably me, got out of giving the other one a 5 minute massage. Meanwhile, we ended up leaving just shy of 1,000 tickets. With our winnings we got a Dave and Buster’s Plastic Drinking Cup.
See you for May’s 12 Months of Dating.
Have you been to Dave and Buster’s? What is your favorite arcade game?

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