Winter Carnival in Houghton, Michigan

This week’s Flashback Friday is the 2010 Winter Carnival in Houghton, Michigan from when we lived up there together in 2009/10. The Winter Carnival is a tradition held during…the winter (go figure?!) at Michigan Tech University that dates back to 1922. Students build ice sculptures for weeks on end, get judged, and placed. During this time there are a lot of festivities going on, but let’s be real: me and cold/snow don’t mix. I went outside long enough to take pictures and see them all and then was inside thawing out (a phrase my mother introduced me to as a child). This year’s theme was “Games We Know, Captured in Snow.”
I have always been very intrigued by the Winter Carnival and I really wish they had something like this near us. I would make it an annual tradition because they are so beautiful in person. It’s amazing how well these students build such detailed sculptures in a matter of weeks. Where do they find the patience? They should really bottle it up and sell it because I could use a jar….or 10.

The Winner of the Fraternities: 

“A Classic Mario Plight Portrayed in Snowy White”
2nd Place was “When Kong Island is in Peril, Donkey Kong Saves it with a Barrel:”
3rd Place was “A Legendary Duel Frozen in Hyrule:”
The Winner of the Sororities:
“Even with the Snow and Ice, Pretty Pretty Princess Will Make You Look Nice”

2nd Place was: “When Three or Four Show on the Dice, a Stampede Rises from Houghton’s Ice:”

 3rd Place was “Lost in a Land of Snow, Pokemon Don’t Know Where to Go:”
They had other cool ones that didn’t place like a “Wheel of Fortune” one:

 And random ones throughout that did not place:

Just hanging out with Mr. Monopoly in his car:

Have you ever got to experience something similar to the Winter Carnival? Have you gotten to witness any ice or snow sculptures?

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