Our Engagement at Hawk Falls

I love a good engagement story, what about you?

One of the BEST things about the Lehigh Valley is that it is close to everything. You want the mountains? We have the Pocono’s with the Appalachian Trail. You want big cities? We have New York City and Philadelphia just 90 minutes away. Over here we get the best of both worlds. Adam and I, however are more outdoors folk. The Pocono’s is great for hiking and waterfalls. It’s pretty much a hop, skip, and a jump away. 

About four years ago Adam wanted to plan something special for my 23rd Birthday. We do not usually make a big deal out of Birthday’s and aren’t big into celebrations. Red flags went up. Wait, we are DOING something for my Birthday this year? This seems odd, but I’ll go with it. In my mind, all signs pointed to an engagement, but I pretended to know nothing. He started researching waterfalls. I love waterfalls and hiking, probably more than anybody else, but during the winter in the Poconos, he had to find ones that were easily accessible (there was still snow on the ground!) 
We got in a car and drove a little over 40 miles to Lehigh Gorge State Park to see the first waterfall. I don’t even know if there was a pathway or trail leading to the waterfall. There was so much snow on the ground we could not find any, so we trekked on. We ended up going off-trailing. Not a good idea with the steep hill, snow, and vegetation.  a really steep hill in to get to it. I may or may not have slipped and fallen a few times, but we made it: 

The things men do for the women they love: give up their jacket in the middle of an ice box.

After climbing out of Leslie Run Falls in Lehigh Gorge State Park, we drove an additional 25 minutes over to Hawk Falls at Hickory Run State Park. I don’t know if fate was on our side, but the trail to the falls was actually cleared nicely. The crowds are also less in the winter (obviously surprising), so we had the falls all to ourselves:

It was at Hawk Falls that Adam dropped to his knee and proposed! I could not tell you what was said. All I remember thinking was “Is this real life?”

Obviously, I said no. 


The biggest surprise of the day was that Adam managed to pull one over on me was a getaway to a local honeymoon resort called Cove Haven. He packed my bags in the morning as I was brushing my teeth (do not worry, he remembered to grab my toothbrush). When we got there we were upgraded to the “Garden of Eden Apple Suite.” The suite had a heart shaped jacuzzi, fireplace, personal pool with a sauna. 

Have you ever tried sleeping on a round king size bed? Let me fill you in, it’s difficult. 

Visiting Hawk Falls at Hickory State Park has become an annual tradition for us. We love going back to sentimental places and reflecting on how far we have come. 

What is your engagement story? What would be your dream engagement?

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