Vernon Midweek Getaway: Festivities

Let’s be honest. There was not much to do in Vernon, but we did end up finding a few fun and memorable things.

The second day we were there we ended up going to one of my favorite places to go ever. Candy Shops! Ever since working at Rocky Mountain & Joann’s I have a love for anything chocolate, caramel apples, and candy. This place did not disappoint.

Whenever I see caramel apples I always feel the need to tell them about my caramel-apple-making-experience. 

See, me stirring caramel for the apples:

Then comes the standard drill: What kind of apples do you use? What kind of caramel do you use? Do you make them here? What toppings do you have? Do you use a pot to heat the caramel or do you microwave them? I MUST know and not for the sake of cravings…I have an apple allergy. I just have to know for comparison sake!

Here we are at the Candy Apple Shoppe:

Obviously conversing with the worker about how their apples are made. 
They had chocolate all over the place made from molds and cute decor for sale:
Truffles, Chocolate Covered Pretzels, Caramel Apples, Assorted Chocolates:
Those chocolate cupcakes are in fact….completely made of chocolate:
Prepackaged Caramel Apples:
Your standard candies. Am I the only one who has flashbacks of the Spice Girls when I see Pop Rocks?

After we left the shop we spent a lot of time in and out of the pool that day. 


More time out than in, in fact.:

It was storming all day. So in between we played cards, watched tv, went out to eat, etc. 
This was the most temperamental storm. We would go into the pool for 10 minutes, thunder would come, we would get out of the pool. Because the indoor and outdoor pools use the same pump we had to wait 30 minutes before going in again. The storms would look like it was about to pass and everything was clearing. We would go BACK into the pool only to leave 5 minutes later because the storm was still kicking up lightening and thunder. We probably were only in the pool for 1 hour and had to leave 5 times throughout the day for hours.
In between waiting for the pool to open and the storm to pass, we went out to get homemade ice cream from Dairy Swirl:
 I got Cookies & Cream (of course). My flavor of choice all the time! It was probably the best ice cream I have ever had. There were huge chunks of oreos in the ice cream where you had to bit to get it out. Of course I had to get the crunch waffle cone to go with my ice cream.
Adam got his second favorite ice cream, Moosetracks. They didn’t have Mackinac Island Fudge ice cream unfortunately, but he enjoyed the moosetracks just as much.

This is the 3rd of the series from our Midweek Getaway to Vernon, New Jersey. You can see those posts here and here.

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