Going Car Gazing: Lehigh Valley Auto Show

Last weekend we took a short trip over to Lehigh University to check out the Lehigh Valley Auto Show! Every man’s dream! We were lucky enough to score comp tickets from Adam’s job. Obviously, we cannot turn down free (unless it was that Romeo and Juliet ballet several years ago on Valentine’s Day, but moving along). So Adam and I hopped in his car and took a short trip to the University to check it out.

The Auto Show was first created in 1998 to encourage customers to shop local and stimulate the economy. It’s a four day indoor event where you can actually test drive some of the cars (outdoors of course). We’re talking 250 BRAND NEW cars, packed into three buildings. Now, that’s a lot of looking. 

It was PACKED, which shouldn’t surprise me at all, but it did. There were lots of doors slamming, trunks opening, and testing out the back seats…and that’s just with us. Everyone was hopping in and out to see the interior, feel the seats, and look at the trunk space.

The biggest building had your standard vehicles, such as Hyundai, Toyota, Mazda, Nissan, Honda, Kia, and many other brands. They had EVERYTHING ranging from higher end luxury models to the base models. My favorite cars were the Mazda’s, but I am partial after all. 

Next we headed over to where the Luxury cars are:

It was not nearly as packed as the previous building. I’m wondering if most people were just smart and did not want to tempt themselves into buying something they possibly could not afford. Obviously we looked around and enjoyed the cars that we will probably never be able to afford. Looking is free, isn’t it?

There were Infiniti’s, the maker of my dream car. The features in these cars are AMAZING!

Adam’s test driven this model:

I, on the other hand, have test driven this Infiniti in an older model:

There were Jaguar’s, Maserati’s (and yes, I sang “Work B!tch” by Britney Spears while sitting in the car! How else would I know of this car? All I kept repeating was “you better work b!tch!), BMWs, Porsche, Volvo and other luxury vehicles:

BMW’s i3 Electric Car:

And finally. the last building in the car show:

There were Ford, Jeep, Volkswagen, Chevy’s, Chrysler, and many others scattered throughout:

They also had cars brought over from the museum: America on Wheels. This was my favorite part of the auto show. I like to imagine owning those cars (obviously without worry about expenses) and what life was like back in the day. 

What car would I use for vacationing?
Where would the dogs sit in the car?
Which one looks the coolest?
Which one is prettiest?

Obviously, I know my priorities when I’m looking at cars.

This was Adam’s favorite car. He said it seemed very mob-like:

There were a lot of really nice cars at the auto show. We spent a good hour or two hours browsing through the cars and remarking on what we liked and did not like.  Overall, we both left the car show liking our cars the best. If I had to chose any of those cars, I’d still chose mine (the Infiniti is a close second though!)

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