12 Months of Dates – March: Dinner and Ice Skating

This month we kinda did a dual date which was similar to February’s date. Last month’s dates consisted of Painting the Snow and Love’s Laboratory, where we learned that we are terrible at following directions. This month, however Adam opened the envelope and found out we were…

Going ice skating and out to eat at a restaurant!

I had a BOGO coupon for ice skating and we ended up paying $7.50 only for both of us. We ended up racking up some restaurant.com vouchers/certificates from AT&T’s refer a friend program. This voucher that would take off $25 on $50 purchase. Adam did a little research to find a new restaurant near here and then away we went.

We ended up eating at Anna Bella’s Restaurant in Bethlehem. We started out with the starter of mozzarella sticks. In my opinion it’s very hard to mess up mozzarella sticks, so this was a safe bet. I was leaning towards onion rings, but I’ve witnessed those being messed up wayyyy too often.

To my surprise they also brought out garlic knots. We LOVE, love, love garlic knots. They were surprisingly delicious. Surprisingly because we have seen garlic knots get messed up one too many times (ie: the time Adam bit into a garlic knot and there was a long hair stuck in the knot and it was not mine!)

Fun fact: For those who are wondering, Adam didn’t have his first garlic knot until he met me nearly 7 years ago. What?! That to me was unheard of and needed to be fixed ASAP! As a result, he’s officially a garlic knot addict.

I ordered my “regular,” Chicken Parmesan. This time I lived on the wild side and decided to mix it up a bit and make it a sub. Those that know me know that I do not stray too far from my beloved Chicken Parmesan when eating Italian.

Not too sure what’s happening on the right side of the picture. Finger print? Sun? You got me!

They also brought out noodles covered in marinara sauce and if I’m being honest, we didn’t eat them. Well, I didn’t touch them. Adam may have, but as soon as he put his fork in they were bringing his food out.

Adam ordered a filet mignon with gorgonzolla sauce. It was a pretty sizable 8oz steak that came with a salad that we split.

Already stuffed beyond belief, we figured why stop there? Bring out the desserts! The waitress came out with a platter of desserts. I wish I took a picture, but I was so in awe of the selections that I forgot. There were about 6 options and we chose two of them to share:

Oreo Cheesecake and a Cannoli:

Adam’s Favorite (and this is coming from a man who hates oreos):

My favorite. My belief system is that you can NEVER go wrong with a cannoli:

We had such a great time eating here. It was in the middle of the afternoon, no rush, and a cute quiet restaurant. I also may or may not have had a hyper-spree kick in after dessert and completely embarrassed myself.

Next we went ice skating. I planned for this date to be my first time ice skating, but Adam (not knowing about the 12 months of dates gift) planned a date to go ice skating in December. Damn it! In order to not drop hints about the gifts and let him know, I agreed and went ice skating.

Adam is a pretty good ice skater. He took classes in school and was basically my teacher. I, on the other hand…have not fallen…yet, but I refuse let go of Adam while on ice. That right there tells you my level of skill. I’m by far not the best ice skater and there have been many children pass me time and time again on the ice rink while I grab Adam’s hand/arm for dear life refusing to let go.

Notice the close relationship I have with the wall. Also notice there is a little kid holding on to the wall and their parent. That pretty much sums up my level of expertise. but it was a great time.

Check back to see what Adam discovers is his date for the month of April!

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