12 Months of Dates – February: Part 2 Love’s Laboratory

This month’s date was in two parts and we decided to ignore directions space them out, so we could enjoy them. The first part of the date was Painting the Snow, which can be found here. The second part of the date was Love’s Laboratory, that I found here. This activity made me VERY aware of that fact that neither of us are good at following directions. Directions? What are those? Clearly, they are not meant for those who know exactly what they are doing 24/7…sarcasm. This date put our over-confident selves to shame.
I’m very aware of the fact that I am oblivious and do not follow directions. Warning labels? Directions? Instructions? A rebel without a cause. I learned this as early as the 4th grade…trust me, this may or may not have something to do with the date. Let’s continue: You see, I had a teacher that gave us an assignment. The assignment was to see how well you read the directions only…he didn’t tell you that. I get a paper that’s handed to me with 20 questions to answer. Awesome! I got this! Practically as soon as I get the paper, the smartest kid in the class turns in his paper. How is this possible?! No one is THAT smart! As I read the paper, I completely skipped the directions and started answering the questions. More people started getting up and turning in their paper. Really? I’m that dumb? I must hurry and answer these questions ASAP. I decided finally, maybe I should read the directions. It read as follows: write your name on the top of the paper and hand it into the teacher.” That’s when I realized, I am not good at following directions.
I think the best part about the date is how many damn times we TRIED to get it right and failed. We tried to do it in the beginning of the month, but after just winging it, getting it wrong, and getting angry at it for not working out, we waited until…tonight. Hard-headed? That is not a term that either of us can relate to. 

Part 1: Making Clouds from Bars of Ivory Soap
Ivory.Soap.Ivory.Soap. We clearly missed that the first time we tried this experiment because:
That my friends IS DOVE SOAP! We missed that memo obviously, but we continued. 
We popped that sucker in the microwave and after awhile it turned into this:
This is how the experiment was supposed to look:
Completely different. And moving on…

A couple weeks later I am looking online at the directions. Wait-a-minute we did not do anything like we were supposed to. Back at it we go.
We threw in 3 bars of soap for comparison. The first part of the experiment was to toss the Ivory Soap and a few other kinds of soap into a bowl of water. Oh, hey there Dove soap! Been awhile. How have you been? The Ivory soap floats. The directions said to cut the Ivory soap in half to see that there are no air bubbles inside causing the bar of soap to float, but we took their word for it and moved along. We tossed that sucker into the microwave and ended up with a different result that the last. 
Not as sticky as the first trial.  
Part 2: Creating a Secret Message with Lemon Juice
How many times can I roll my eyes at this experiment? Probably 3 times. Because that’s about how many trials as it took for it to “work.” 
The idea was simple, the lemon juice spells out the words you write on there and heat makes it stand out. You cannot do this wrong!
Or can you?
You can, because it did. First we used the lemon juice, didn’t work, we used a regular lemon and just dipped it in the lemon, didn’t work, finally we did as it was instructed. We used half a lemon, put a half teaspoon of water in it, used a q-tip, waited until it completely dried and then put it up to a light. We realized we made several mistakes. #1: We didn’t dilute the lemon juice, #2: we didn’t wait for it to completely dry, #3: we have no patience. We still don’t, which is why….our MY “secret message” didn’t really show up.

The lazy secret-message-maker style:

Mine was supposed to say I <3 U and his was a smiley face.

Moving right along to our final experiment…
Part 3: Constructing a Homemade Diet Coke & Mentos Geyser
Diet Coke? Oh, I thought you meant Coke. My bad. Another experiment needing a second go, but it was by far our favorite. 
Please ignore that fact that my bum is hanging out, but here we were unscrewing and feeding the hungry Diet Coke with Mentos.
By far, this one was our favorite and we have one thing in mind now: 2 Liter Diet Coke Geyser. 
Can’t wait to share next month’s date with you all! Luckily, no instructions are involved.

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