12 Months of Dates – January: Snow Tubing!

As some of you have read in the previous post, this Christmas Adam was gifted 12 fabulous months worth of semi-pre-paid dates. I planned to have all of the dates pre-paid, but we went a bit crazy on Christmas gifts this year. Shoot me! This was the first Christmas in yearssss that we were actually able to get each other gifts to open on Christmas day. Usually we buy for the family first and then late January comes around and we can finally afford gifts for one another. I guess that became the “tradition,” BUT some traditions are meant to be broken I believe!

Here’s what’s inside of this fancy basket:
The letter inside reads as followed:
Inside the basket was an envelope for each month. Inside of the envelopes were notes telling you what we are doing that month. Some of the envelopes have the brochures, coupons, or any other things needed for the date. 
On Christmas Day Adam opened the first envelope of the year for our January date. Drum roll please (as if the title didn’t give it away)…we are going snow tubing at the local mountain! YES! We were so excited. Clearly, I planned the gift, so I knew what the date was. Not only was this my first time snow tubing, but it was also Adam’s first time as well. I could not WAIT to experience this together for the first time and lose our snow tubing virginity!
This is what it looked like because it’s alll about presentation, I believe:
I gave Adam the reigns and let him book the snow tubing trip. He booked it for Saturday, January 17th. MLK.3.day.weekend. Panic set in. The mountain is going to be packed. Long lines, traffic, crowded parking lots. A personal hell for someone like me, who gets anxious being in crowds of people. 
We bought snow pants (which really wasn’t necessary) and then drove to the mountain. We got there and really lucked out. We chose to go at night time, so as we were entering the mountain tons of cars were leaving the mountain. The mountain for snowboarding and skiing was packed, but snow tubing…not so much. There were barely any lines. A success if I do say so myself! 
There wasn’t a big variety of choices for snow tubing. There were 3 hills with a bunch of different lanes. Two of those hills were for single tubes and the third was for family tubes. We went down a few tubes together and then went individually.
It was a little chilly this day if you can’t tell. We didn’t take many pictures in fear off accidental camera or phone damage. 

Overall we had a fun time! We got to experience something new together and enjoy a little bit of the winter. Adam opened up February’s date, so we will share that shortly!

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