A Very Brazier Christmas!

We have spent 7 Christmas’s together, but what makes this one so special is that it is the very first Christmas in our own place!
 We bought our Christmas tree 3 post-Christmas season’s ago on a major sale to unload all of their Christmas trees. It was hiding in the attic of my mother’s place ever since just WAITING for the moment when it would be able to be ornament-ized. 
Shortly before Christmas we received a Christmas delivery from Adam’s family. I’m pretty sure Brady either: A. knew who it was from or B. knew that there was something in there for him. And by something in there for him I mean a few things. And by a few things what I really mean was that over half of the gifts were for him and Harvey. Spoiled!

Please excuse his devilish eyes.


Christmas Eve my mother and brother stopped by for our new family tradition: Christmas Eve with the Brazier’s. We cooked them a very festive Christmas-y dinner of spaghetti and meatballs with garlic knots, and Italian bread. We had cheese cake for dessert, cookies and an Edward’s chocolate creme pie. 
I won’t go into crazy detail and show every single gifts that we got, but I will show you some of the gift opening, which is never complete without a little help from the pups…

We waited until midnight to open our gifts from one another. I We got a little impatient and couldn’t wait any longer. We have this new thing we are doing. We let each other know what one of the gifts are and then the others are a surprise. This way I we don’t ask for a million clues to figure out what the gifts are.

From me, Adam got the Google Smart Watch that he’d been wanting for awhile and his surprise gift, which was 12 months of prepaid, pre-planned dates for each month of the year. I will post more about those dates later, but I found the idea here, here, and here.

My camera died, so these are taken with my cellphone camera.

I bought the materials with Adam along, the basket, envelopes, and paper. The good thing was that only I knew what the gift was, so it was still a surprise. 

He can only open the envelope on the first of each month, but to get him excited I let him open the one up for January, which was snow tubing at Blue Mountain.

Adam bought me a new laptop since mine has been kicking the bucket for awhile. My surprise gift was a package of 2 Swedish massages. He found a great deal on Groupon.

We did our yearly tradition of taking pictures in front of the Christmas tree. Some years we remember to include the dogs, other years…not so much. I should also note that the sweater/sweatshirt in this year’s picture tied Adam for first place at the Ugly Christmas Sweater Contest at his job.

What did you get for Christmas? Merry Christmas!
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