That Time I Almost Caught the Baseball…

Most times Adam is we are about as boring and cheap as they come. I think Adam learned that from his mother (the cheap part, not the boring part) a.k.a. the bargain shopper. If she can’t get it on a good deal she won’t get it at all. Unfortunately, a lot of things we want to do don’t involve deals. Sometimes we would rather do nothing then have to spend money doing something. But then the Catch 22 sets in. We complain that we did nothing when we could have done something. IT.NEVER.FAILS.

This is where the problem lies. Most times we end up doing nothing…unless it’s free. Our favorite things are things that come at no price! Who would complain about free? This blog was free (well using it through Blogger of course) and do you see me complaining? Nope. Because it’s free!!!!

Adam’s job has some perks. One year we got to go to Lights in the Parkway for Christmas time and drive through all of the pretty lights while listening to Christmas music. We got tickets to see a Romeo and Juliet ballet on Valentine’s Day at the State Theatre (granted, we didn’t even go). Last year we went to Oktoberfest at the Steel Stacks. We ALSO got free tickets to two minor league Iron Pigs games. One was a regular seat near home plate and the second was in a suite.

For the love of all things free, we got free tickets again this year and we took my mom!


Here’s where the story of the night gets really good. So here we are sitting in our seats minding our own business watching dancing mascots. Suddenly bam! A baseball gets hit into the stands. Note: it was not a home run, but a foul rather. The balls is going pretty fast mind you. In my opinion it was most likely going 200 mph, but I’m no professional, so don’t take my word for it. I can see it above me and all I could think about was “do not break my glasses!” -Side note, I just got my lenses replaced. Anyway so I am sitting there looking for the ball and praying to God that it doesn’t hit me and then bam.

It finally lands. In the section next to me, but that’s just a minor detail. Adam looks at me and laughs because here I am STILL SEATED, barehanded with my hand in the air as if I’m gonna catch this ball, not even looking up in the air to see if it’s going to hit me,. But the way I see it (the most important way of seeing it afterall) is that I almost caught the baseball. I could be a baseball legend.
There you have the end of the best story you may ever hear this century!

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