Trexler Preserve Hiking with the Dogs

So recently we had one of those “maybe we are a little ‘out of shape'” epiphanies. We wanted to get back into doing outdoors things. That’s where we really enjoy being. So, we decided to take the dogs on a hike in the Lehigh Valley to the Trexler Nature Preserve.

Here’s the problem: there aren’t many good places to go for hike in our area that we have discovered, YET. We don’t like to hike aimlessly. We like to hike with a purpose. We want mountains, views, and everything included with that. Once you reach the summit and see your hard work THAT is where it all pays off.

We found out about the Trexler Nature Preserve when I was Facebook stalking browsing through pictures someone posted. It looked gorgeous, so we set out to explore the trails of the Trexler Nature Preserve. We packed up the always carsick – Harvey and Brady and headed to the preserve.

The first part of this hike was so deceiving. I was secretly giddy the whole time we were walking up the hill because, in my mind there’s going to be a spectacular view at the top and it’s going to be everything we were looking for. Well, I was wrong. This is the Lehigh Valley, not Montana.


Now, don’t get me wrong. It was still beautiful, but completely unexpected. The beginning part of the hike was fairly easy compared to the rest. It was literally like a walk in the park…until we walked further. Then I took those happy thoughts back…oh, Trexler Nature Preserve, how you deceive me.

We were gonna turn around at this clearing, but then I thought, we can make it to the river! It can’t be that bad. This wasn’t terrible and it’s only the Lehigh Valley. The nice easy walk turned into a fairly steep descend. We were running on tiptoes because it was so steep, but we couldn’t turn back around now, there was more to be discovered at the Trexler Nature Preserve. I said we were gonna go hike down to the river. Let’s go down to the damn river!

All the way down I was kicking myself thinking, whyyyyyy did I agree or even suggest this idea! And then we got to the bottom…

Once we got to the bottom it was worth it the sweat in the Trexler Nature Preserve. There was mud everywhere from the rain. We were trying to be careful, but then SLAM. Harvey falls in the mud. There is mud caked all over his back. Adam took the dogs into the river to cool off. Harvey of course had to get washed off.

After they played stood nervously in the water, we began our hike back up the trail. Going back up was definitely a challenge for us. The dogs, not so much. We have determined that either it is really hard OR we are out of shape. I guess we will have to go with the latter of the two.

We took a different way back to the trail thinking it wouldn’t be as difficult during this route in the Trexler Nature Preserve. And it wasn’t as difficult, but it was still hard.



Every time I thought it was going to stay easy we would go down a steep hill and then up another steep hill. I almost died, several times. Eventually we made our way to the car. Whether someone walked the whole way and the other had to be picked up by the car on the outskirts of the Trexler Nature Preserve does not matter at this point 😉

Final Impressions: I’d do it again. Maybe this time put the dogs on heavy duty tick medication since they each had 2+ ticks on them. It was really pretty and challenging, so overall it was a good time! 🙂

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