Covered Bridge Tour of the Lehigh Valley

Let’s go on a Lehigh Valley Covered Bridge Tour! Said no one ever….except us clearly. We Googled far and wide free things to do in the Lehigh Valley and this was one that kept screaming out to us “you want to see me!!” Eventually we agreed and we we went!

Here’s some details for those detail lovers:

  • The Lehigh Valley Covered Bridge Tour roughly 50 miles
  • You get to see 7 covered bridges.
  • 5 allow cars and the other 2 are pedestrian only

You’re welcome!

Bogert’s Bridge

This was our first stop on the Lehigh Valley Covered Bridge Tour and it was one of our ultimate favorites! It is located in Lehigh Parkway and is right on the bend of the river. The park is really nice, but my favorite part was the fact that cars cannot drive on it. Let’s face it, no one likes being road kill. We have an overabundance of cars in the Lehigh Valley as it is, so anyway to escape them, I am all about it! This covered bridge received some bonus points because I’m also a sucker for any trees that are pink or weeping.

Views from the covered bridge: 


Guth’s Bridge 

This bridge on the Lehigh Valley Covered Bridge Tour had a nice park near it, but you had dodge cars actually see inside, so lets just say we enjoyed that part of the bridge from afar.

Note: I decided to dress cute for the trip and wear flats. It’s snowed forever in the Lehigh Valley this winter, so obviously that was a good idea. “Well, let’s look under the bridge” he said and then I gracefully slid down the side of the bridge, getting my shoe stuck in the mud and fully caked. Now that’s a great look.

Wehr’s Bridge 

This bridge had pretty surroundings too. About 20 yards upstream there was a pretty dam. This bridge also allowed cars, so we didn’t explore inside, but we did run in front of it to explore some more of the dam. This was the only bridge along the Lehigh Valley Covered Bridge Tour that had a dam. 

Rex’s Bridge

On the way to Rex’s Bridge we drove past a Mill. We should have just stopped there. The bridge is not worth writing about, that’s for sure, but we were on the Lehigh Valley Covered Bridge Tour. I think what added to the character of the bridge was the fact that the surrounding area was private property and there were a bunch of cardboard foxes stuck into the ground. Now that just that, in itself makes the whole bridge worth going to.

We did what any normal person would do…stared at the cardboard foxes a bunch and got the hell out of there. Back to the Kern’s Grist Mill we go. Adam decided to be adventurous and go down to the bottom of the mill until…that was until he got soaked from the water falling off the dam. Meanwhile, I’m standing in the road completely oblivious taking pictures of the mill and the I look to my left. Oh, there’s a car waiting for me. Whoops!

Geiger’s Bridge

Next stop along the Covered Bridge Tour was Geiger’s Bridge. There was no parking and far too busy to enjoy. We actually drove across it…that was the only perk. It takes place along the Trexler Game Preserve, which we have to check out eventually. 

We got lost on the way to the 6th bridge…several times. The navigation was trying to take us to roads that were closed due to repairs. Adam said, don’t worry! I’ll find us another way to get there. Thirty minutes later…there was no other way. The road was closed. 

Kreidersville Bridge

The last bridge, the Kreidersville bridge, was about 20 minutes from the last bridge that we didn’t get to go to. This bridge in the Lehigh Valley Covered Bridge Tour was also one of our favorites. It was really well maintained, painted, and as luck would have it, NO motorized vehicles are allowed on there. Our favorite.

Every year they hold an annual festival there with 5k & 10k races and a pig roast.

Here’s a look at the covered bridge:

And then the surroundings:


Overall, it was a pretty fun trip. We got out of the house for 2-3 hours and got to look at the humongous houses. We discovered places that were new to us to spend a nice breezy morning or have a picnic. I would say that in itself is a success!

Have you ever been on the Lehigh Valley Covered Bridge Tour? Do you have any covered bridges in your area? What do you like to do to explore your surroundings?

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