Another one bites the dust

 Pictures that is.

So our lonesome picture buddy finally has some new friends. For those of you that need reminding, this was the only picture up for awhile:

I came up with the layout in my head and we just started from there. We traced and measured the frames that we were going to use for the project onto paper and then taping them onto the wall. We did the same for the opposite wall, but flipped it.
We got the sign above our wedding picture at Hobby Lobby with a coupon. The main frame of us we found on clearance back in 2012 right before our wedding at Michael’s. The black 5×7 frames were from Hobby Lobby on sale, always 50% off. The frames with the white boarders (the ones of our families and the dual frames) we bought at Michael’s buy one get one free! The black sign with the quote about families we got from Peigi last Christmas.

Now to get motivation to do other walls…

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