T-Minus 5 Days Until the Big Move

Rumor has it that a week and a half ago we went in to sign the lease for our apartment. Those rumors were right. We are officially adults!

I gotta admit, I’m looking pretty good after having 2 surgeries and 2 hemorrhages!

The official move in date is this Saturday at 10:15am! Without wasting anymore time, Adam scheduled the moving truck for the morning of. I’m more anxious to see how bad good of a driver he will be in it. 

Here’s a little fact that we don’t like to admit, but we will. About 99% of our wedding gifts have been sitting in storage bins in the attic and never used. We only used our stand mixer and the trash can. We’re talking china, vacuum, pots, pans, glasses, fondue machine, toaster, George Foreman. Never.Even.Open. And I feel like THAT should be a crime! Oh the humanity. It’s been breaking our hearts a little everyday to see all of this beautiful stuff in storage, never even used. And quite frankly, we alllll know who will be using most of this stuff anyway, Adam. Honestly, we didn’t even realize half the stuff we had packed away. We got so much and then some. We are blessed!

A few weeks ago I had an idea to end all ideas. Let’s move everything from the attic to the second floor. This will make it easier on us come move in/out day to only to bring it all down one flight rather than two. Well, before I could even get the full sentence of my mouth Adam jumped in “give me 10 minutes and we’ll start!” And so we started. He brought it all down (tonsillectomy means no heavy lifting) and I sifted through each and every box, bin, and whatever else to catalog everything that we have and organize it all.

This is just the beginning:

By the end of the day neither of us could fit in there and we had to climb ON everything to get to the other side

And we kept on piling

A view from up top. There’s my cheery face. You’re welcome.

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