Exciting News for the Brazier Bunch!

Hi Everyone! We are so excited to start this blog. We have wanted to do this for several years and have finally decided to take the plunge! We do have some exciting news going on that we are actually super excited about and that not many people know about yet! Here is a hint about this “exciting news” though… ready? Take a deep breath…..





I know, I know. Such a surprise. No bun is growing in this oven anytime soon! I did want to get this ball rolling though being that I have a little extra downtime.

Now for the exciting news!
Adam and I are FINALLY moving into our own place together. We are going into the leasing office on Friday at 1pm to officially sign the lease to move in on March 22nd!

Here’s a little back story on us. Let us take you on a visual tour.
We met on Mackinac Island and quickly moved in together. I had 2 roommates at the time. The one I shared my bedroom with was leaving for the summer. Adam moved right in once she left. It was a two bedroom apartment with a living room, kitchen, and bathroom. We lived in here for 3 months.



Roommate’s bedroom
Our bedroom

After we lived on Mackinac Island, Adam moved with me into my mother’s house and we lived in a tiny bedroom for 9 months. 9 months later we moved to the Grand Canyon!

In 2009 we got jobs working at the Grand Canyon National Park. Employee Housing provided us with a 2 bedroom apartment and two 50 year old Texan roommates. We had a living room, dining room, kitchen, and laundry inside the apartment, as well as a full bathroom for each bedroom. This was our cheapest rent ever:$15 a week. We ended up living in this apartment from May until August 2009. 

Entrance to our bedrooms from the living room
Kitchen with stackable washer and dryer. 
Our roommate’s bedroom
Our bedroom


After living in the Grand Canyon for 3 months, we moved to Chassell, Michigan in the Upper Peninsula in August 2009. We lived there for 9 months. This was the last time Adam and I lived together on our own. Adam was going to school at Michigan Tech Univ. in the Upper Peninsula.This cabin was two bedrooms. One bedroom was in the kitchen, living room, and dining room. We had no dressers or closets in the cabin. It was tiny and with the snow we got cabin fever, but all of our utilities were included and the rent was cheap!
Here are some pictures of our cabin back in the day where we lived snowed in for 9 months!

Our little kitchen in our cabin in the Upper Peninsula
Four rooms in one: living room, dining room, bedroom, and kitchen
Our second bedroom that we converted into a closet
Our bathroom
In the summer 2010 after living it up in our cabin in the UP, we moved to Maine in dormitory style housing in Acadia National Park. We lived under the same roof, but not the same bedroom. Co-ed Housing was not allowed. For 3 months we lived together, but…didn’t live together at the same time.
Inside the dorm we had a commons area where there was a foosball table, couches, tv, a computer, and the employee dining room.

 The hallway leading up to some of the bedrooms. We both lived on the second floor.

Inside the dorm rooms were 3 rooms. the main room you enter was a commons area and then on each side were bedrooms with 2 bunkbeds each.


After the summer Adam and I did long distance for a whole semester. After college, he moved to Pennsylvania and we lived in our tiny bedroom until my sister moved out of the attic in April 2011.
As soon as she left, we cleaned the room up, primed, painted, and moved in. During that time we only had a full sized bed and one dog. By the time we moved out we had a king sized bed and two dogs. Space was getting pretty tight.


We have been living in the same house with my family since December 2010. While we do love my family we feel that it is way overdue that Adam, Brady, Harvey, & I get our own place. We have been married for nearly a year and eight months and we are so excited to finally be living as a married couple!

We are moving out into an 1005 sq ft. apartment complex on the bottom floor with a private entrance that contains 2 bedrooms with one bathroom and a patio. We have our very own living room, kitchen, dining room (three things we have YET to have had on our own!), as well as a guest room! The complex has a pool, kiddie pool, tennis courts, sauna, a fitness center, club house, kid’s playground, and a free run dog run to be finished this summer.
Apartment Layout!

Apartment Layout

Anyway! We wanted to share this exciting journey with everyone in our family so that you all can feel connected to us and in the know even though some of us live hundreds of miles away, cannot see one another yearly, or talk to each other daily. Please stick around to see more posts from us that are going on whether it is moving in, decorating, diys, vacations, or just day to day things!

Welcome to our Blog! 🙂

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